Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out Now: The Contract - A Novel Of Erotic Submission By N. T. Morley

If you like BSDM erotica then, more than likely, you know about the fantastic work of N. T. Morley - and if you don't then pick up his newest book - The Contract: A Novel Of Erotic Submission - to discover how good he is.

A Master and Mistress make a bet, and the loser becomes the winner's slave. Friends and rival slave trainers Carlton and Sarah agree to a wager while Carlton is Sarah's guest in her mansion: Can Carlton train Sarah's most recalcitrant young female sex slave, Tina? The winner of the bet gets the absolute submission of the loser...a degrading fate for either Carlton or Sarah, both dedicated Dominants and longtime slave trainers. Carlton is confident he'll prevail -- and have Sarah's sweet ass in a sling as soon as he succeeds in breaking Tina's will. But Tina turns out to be quite a handful of submissive young flesh. And to complicate things, Sarah's determined to make her friend and rival's life very interesting while he's staying with her... There is simply no one better than N. T. Morley at writing BDSM erotica and with THE CONTRACT: A NOVEL OF EROTIC SUBMISSION he proves just how good he can be. 

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