Thursday, November 17, 2011

DiDi's Review of Jack's Christmas Wish

DiDi's Review:
I am a sucker for the Magic of Christmas! I do believe that MIRACLES can and do happen during Christmas time. When I saw the title and cover of Bonni Sansom's DEBUT book, Jack's Christmas Wish, I knew I wanted to read it. When Bonni sent me a copy for review, I read the blurb for it and found out Jack wasn't the H in the story like I thought, but the seven year old son of the H. At that point I KNEW I had to read it, because throw in a single father during the Holidays and I am a puddle of goo.

Lissa is working as a department store elf, when an adorable little boy, Jack, comes up to see Santa, she instantly feels tendernesss towards and a bond with Jack. She looks up and finds out that Jack's Daddy, Derek, is sexy and something about him her pulls at her heart and melts her panties. Derek is pleasantly surprised that he is attracted to a woman for the first time since his wife's death. He loves the instant affection Lissa had towards Jack, it doesn't hurt that she is sexy either.

Things heat up and emotions get intense quickly, Derek realized early on that he needs to test the waters and see if Lissa will be ok with his DOM side, because he knows he can only be with a woman who will submit. Lissa has never really been with a DOM, but she is interested, but she won't submit without a little sass and brattiness. When Derek lets his DOM free it is HOT!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the inner dialogue both Derek and Lissa have with themselves, I definitely had some LOL moments.

I love how Bonnie included Jack in the story because many of the BDSM stories I've read do not have kids in them. So it was nice to read a book where parents have dungeons too =) I also appreciated the fact that Derek and Lissa both took Jack's feelings into account while dating. Jack is adorable, with his "kiss like French People do" lines.

This book has A LOT happen in a short time, but hey it's Christmas time when anything can happen and miracles DO happen.

I feel like Jack's Christmas Wish is a great debut novel and can't wait to see what else Bonni has in store for us. It is definitely a feel good Christmas story...and if anyone says the relationship was rushed or happened too fast...BAH HUMBUG!!!!

DiDi gives Jack's Christmas Wish (3.75)

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