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Sascha Illyvich - Internet Book Promotion 101

Write the book, get it accepted and sold by a publisher and you're done, right? Wrong. This is common knowledge amongst most long time authors but new authors aren't always sure about the proper or most effective ways of marketing online.

There are four key areas one can use for internet marketing. Social Media, blogs, story sites and the personal website. We'll cover them here and how you can utilize them all effectively

Starting with social media. Yeah, twitter and facebook . Get on them both. The best way to use both services depends ultimately on your marketing platform and author platform, a tool Author Success Coach (and my publicist) Deborah Riley Magnus says is necessary for spreading the word out about your book. From the moment you publish that book it needs to be understood that you and the book are the product. Once you join twitter and facebook, your behavior online will be scrutinized much more. Obviously hard selling, that is, screaming "Buy my book" every five minutes is guaranteed to generate a lot of disinterest by even your friends and family. Be genuine, talk about things that interest you and find friends and tweeps who also share those interests. You're building relationships. In the end, marketing is all about one thing: Trust.

How do you use direct sales on facebook and twitter? Part of this question is best answered via posts from WriteSEX - http://www.writesex.net/?cat=3 for the exact URL. She states that all the marketing you need to do for your book comes FROM your book.

Blogs - Talking about yours and others, the major reason we blog is so the world knows we exist. Again, finding blogs by authors you respect and like and blogging on your own site will give you and new readers an opportunity to connect. Also you can do a little more direct selling of your book in these venues. Guest blogging for sites that have high traffic is good for SEO purposes. See this post to learn about SEO. Post excerpts on your blog and the places that allow you to do so in guest spots. Keep posts informative, on par with your author platform or book platform and keep it in tune with your voice. Readers may comment like crazy or they may not. The comments are nice, but don’t think that no comment love means nobody cares. It's about eyes (page views) to your content. Update your personal blog frequently. At least once a week on my author website there is something new.

Story sites - Literotica, fetlife, Lusty Library, these places you can publish entire adult stories, snippets and often create profiles that allow readers to find out more about you and your work. Be careful to adhere to posting guidelines. With Literotica.com I had a story up and in a month had 24,000 hits. That means literally at least 24,000 pairs of eyes had seen the first page of the story and may have continued to finish it. I'm sure I got a sale or six out of that. Post regularly, keeping your name in front of the audience.

Your Personal Website - This one's pretty obvious. Your current release, backlists, interviews, appearances and everything related to your author platform should be here. And it should be your name, realistically and end in a .com for SEO purposes.

Sascha Illyvich, Sizzler/Intoxication Erotic Romance Editor, author The Gift of her Submission

Monday, November 28, 2011

Out Now: Whip Me Again By David Jewell

If you like delightfully kinky BDSM erotica - and we know you do - then here's a treat: a brand-new book by David Jewell, Whip Me Again!

Erick Stone has been married to his submissive wife, Apollonia, for a couple of months.  Their romance was fast and furious.  Erick is also a master of the whip and has a long list of satisfied clients, who have no problem in paying for his services.  He meets one of his clients, Lance and Traci Adler, for dinner along with Apollonia. Traci Adler is a very submissive wife.  Like Apollonia, she is bi-sexual.  She has one more enduring trait.  She loves pain - it hurts so good.  Erick and Lance made plans for swapping wives after dinner.  The next day when Lance brings Apollonia back, Erick has Apollonia and Traci entertain him and Lance. After Lance and Traci left, Erick takes Apollonia into the dungeon for some delightful foreplay.  Then taking her into the bedroom suite, he makes love to her. Another hotter-than-hot treasure of BDSM erotica by Sizzler's master of kinky erotica: David Jewell!  If you thought that WHIP ME was erotic and kinky then this brand new book is for you!

Out Now: Pirate Booty - Erotic Tales Of Buccaneers And Captives Edited By M.Christian

"YO HO HO!"  How here's a real treasure for fans of the debauched and kinky adventures of pirates - a brand-new anthology of some sea (and even space)-fairing privateers and scallywags edited by M.Christian: Pirate Booty - Erotic Tales Of Buccaneers And Captives.  Not only is this new anthology a delightfully kinky read but it also features of of our best-selling Sizzler authors!
Sizzling tales of pirates and captives. Here's your chance to swing by or force others to swing by all-kinds of yardarms in this outrageous collection of erotic tales by Zander Vyne, Jude Mason, Theda Hudson, Catherine Lundoff, Billierosie, PM White, Joe Vadalma, Wade Heaton, Jay Lawrence And Harry Neptune, RV Raiment, Karen Taylor, and Blake C. Aarens - many of them our top authors - and edited by M.Christian. Full of the funrestrained, twisted passions and lusts that make pirates so hot! Populated by historical, contemporary and space-faring privateers ... plus a good dash of BDSM to spice up the brew.  Pick up this anthology and you will not be disappointed.

Call For Submissions: Daddy's Little Girl - Ageplay Erotica

Call for Submissions

Daddy's Little Girl:
Ageplay Erotica

Edited By Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian

An anthology of stories exploring the erotic allure of older male, younger female ageplay (constructed as "Daddy" and "Little Girl" or "Daughter", to be published by Sizzler Editions (http://SizzlerEditions.com ).

Ageplay is where one or more participants in erotic play pretend to be younger than they are in reality.  For aficionados, ageplay is a way of exploring new and sometimes very powerful, dimensions of BDSM.  If you are unclear what ageplay is, please click here.

Daddy's Little Girl: Ageplay Erotica will be focused solely on male dominant/female submissive erotica – where the male, or person enacting the male role, take the role of Daddy or Father, and the female, or person enacting the female role, takes the position of a little girl or daughter.

However, authors are encouraged to take unique approaches to what female ageplay can be. For instance, at presentations on the subject, we have seen such roles enacted by straight men and women, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people.

Stories may feature humor, horror, romance, or mystery but all submissions must be explicitly erotic.  Stories featuring rape, underage characters, homophobia, bestiality or 'violence porn' will not be considered.

Both previously published and original works will be considered.

Story length: 3,500 to 10,000 words
Deadline for Submissions: February 1, 2012
Rights: First North American Anthology Rights
Payment: For stories under 5000 words, $25, paid on publication; for stories longer than 5000 words, $35, paid on publication.

Email submissions should be sent to: zobop@aol.com (rtf format only, be sure to include contact information on all attachments)

Questions? Contact M. Christian (zobop@aol.com) or Ralph Greco, Jr. (ralphgjr@earthlink.net)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Out Now: Suburban Wives Bondage Club By PowerOne

There is simply no better writer of BDSM erotica than PowerOne - and this, his newest book, is proof of that: Suburban Wives Bondage Club

Their husbands were rich and powerful in business, but they wanted more, they wanted to control their wives.  The men thought they were the ones planning it, but the wives took it so much farther.  It started off as a simple book club, but it soon blossomed into something much different, The Suburban Wives Bondage Club.  Each time the men planned  a night, the women surprised them with something more daring or bizarre.  The wives would do anything for their husbands, but who knew they would enjoy it so much.  The Stepford Wives had nothing on these women.  Read of the thoughts and desires of The Suburban Wives Bondage Club.  Can the men gain the control they wanted or should they just enjoy all that the women had to offer them?

Out Now: Scheherezade's Gift By Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson is a fantastic writer - with a vivid and erotic imagination like no other ... and with this new book, Scheherezade's Gift, you'll see why!

When it comes to takintg it or leaving it, Abigail will take the book and leave the man. She'd rather read 1001 Arabian Nights every night of every day of every year than be in a relationship. Leroy is the man who sells her the books, but can't get past paper or plastic with her. Nothing he's tried works. Getting Abigail and Leroy together is going to take divine intervention. And Scheherezade is just the goddess to do it. When reading takes on a whole new reality, will Abigail become just yet another woman traumatized by a secret past or will she find a hidden strength and a hidden lust that only Leroy can satiate?

Out Now: Abducted At The Altar & Other Stories Of Discipline And Restraint By Elizabeth Coldwell

We at Sizzler Editions cannot say enough good things about the always-brilliant and always-sexy Elizabeth Coldwell - and this new collection from her will prove that and more: Abducted At The Altar & Other Stories Of Discipline And Restraint 

Tales of women who have to be disciplined for their misbehavior.  As the author herself says: "There are very few of us who would not benefit from more discipline in our lives.  Those who are spoiled and selfish, who think of nothing but our own gratification, and ourselves have to be taught that the needs and wants of others are just as important. But what happens when receiving that discipline takes us far outside our comfort zone, into the arms of a dominant master or mistress, skilled at the art of melding pain and pleasure?  Or when our most cherished plans are disrupted by someone keen to make us submit to their will, and learn the error of our ways?" Here's a very special treat for everyone who enjoys a juicy, HOT and kinky tale: a brand new collection of BDSM by one of the best writers there is in the genre: Elizabeth Coldwell!  Pick up ABDUCTED AT THE ALTAR and you will not be disappointed!

Out Now: The Sexiest Time Of The Year - Erotic Encounters At The Yule Season

Happy holidays ... and what better than to ring in this festive - and often lusty season - than a brand new anthology by our own Sascha Illyvich:  The Sexiest Time Of The Year - Erotic Encounters At The Yule Season 

During the holiday season everyone's thoughys turn to amour. Everyone has an idea of what kind of romantic or sexual encounter they want as a present. No wonder it is the sexiest time of the year. Have a happy, merry, and - best of all - kinky holiday season with this anthology of yule erotica!  Wishes are fulfilled from true love to forbidden sexual longings in these stories by Clarice Clique, JP Archer And Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J.  Kolodziej, and edited by our own master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another great reivew for Jack's Christmas Wish!

From Coffee Beans and Love Scenes - "Sansom did an excellent job at developing the relationship between Derek's seven-year old son, Jack, and Lissa. The humorous antics and dialogue on the first page of the novel had me laugh a few times and want to slap the Naughty Santa. I love Sansom's writing and can guarantee more of her writings will be added to my TBR List once they are available."

Full Review available here
Buy Jack's Christmas Wish at Amazon

Thursday, November 17, 2011

DiDi's Review of Jack's Christmas Wish

DiDi's Review:
I am a sucker for the Magic of Christmas! I do believe that MIRACLES can and do happen during Christmas time. When I saw the title and cover of Bonni Sansom's DEBUT book, Jack's Christmas Wish, I knew I wanted to read it. When Bonni sent me a copy for review, I read the blurb for it and found out Jack wasn't the H in the story like I thought, but the seven year old son of the H. At that point I KNEW I had to read it, because throw in a single father during the Holidays and I am a puddle of goo.

Lissa is working as a department store elf, when an adorable little boy, Jack, comes up to see Santa, she instantly feels tendernesss towards and a bond with Jack. She looks up and finds out that Jack's Daddy, Derek, is sexy and something about him her pulls at her heart and melts her panties. Derek is pleasantly surprised that he is attracted to a woman for the first time since his wife's death. He loves the instant affection Lissa had towards Jack, it doesn't hurt that she is sexy either.

Things heat up and emotions get intense quickly, Derek realized early on that he needs to test the waters and see if Lissa will be ok with his DOM side, because he knows he can only be with a woman who will submit. Lissa has never really been with a DOM, but she is interested, but she won't submit without a little sass and brattiness. When Derek lets his DOM free it is HOT!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the inner dialogue both Derek and Lissa have with themselves, I definitely had some LOL moments.

I love how Bonnie included Jack in the story because many of the BDSM stories I've read do not have kids in them. So it was nice to read a book where parents have dungeons too =) I also appreciated the fact that Derek and Lissa both took Jack's feelings into account while dating. Jack is adorable, with his "kiss like French People do" lines.

This book has A LOT happen in a short time, but hey it's Christmas time when anything can happen and miracles DO happen.

I feel like Jack's Christmas Wish is a great debut novel and can't wait to see what else Bonni has in store for us. It is definitely a feel good Christmas story...and if anyone says the relationship was rushed or happened too fast...BAH HUMBUG!!!!

DiDi gives Jack's Christmas Wish (3.75)

BUY Jack's Christmas Wish NOW!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Out Now: Jack's Christmas Wish By Bonni Sansom

Happy Holidays - and what better way to celebrate than by giving, or just reading, a special festive treat by Bonni Sansom: Jack's Christmas Wish 

She'd been nice - so Santa brought her heart's desire, a sexy new master! Aside from being broke, stalked and groped by Santa, Lissa Monroe wondered what would happen to her next? She never expected it would be love at first sight. Times are hard for Lissa, with her mother’s illness and her own financial problems. She took a job as Santa’s sexy helper in a department store. Her ex-boyfriend Rex is stalking her and leaving dirty messages on her answering machine. She thinks she can handle him, but things turn deadly causing her to have an accident.  Being a widowed single father isn’t easy. Derek Baxter knows this first hand, but when your son wants a new mom for Christmas what are you to do? It’s not like you can go out and find one or is it? Jack thinks so when he meets Lissa as he sits atop Santa’s lap. Outwardly Derek is the polite, shy widower and devoted father to his son Jack. In truth Derek is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He harbors a naughty secret that would surprise his friends and neighbors. Derek is a BDSM-Dominant with a playroom hidden in his basement loaded with BDSM toys. Derek's not looking for a relationship; at least he doesn’t think he is until Lissa and Jack have an instant bond, causing Derek to wonder if maybe his son’s instincts have found him a new Wife. Derek and Lissa embark on a whirlwind relationship which accelerates and leaves them both breathless. They both want the same thing—each other, but Lissa’s past hurts in the name of love hold her back. Derek is determined to break down her walls one way or another and win her heart. He determines she is the perfect submissive and uses it to his advantage, winning her over one sexual encounter at a time. She caves and agrees to marry him, making Jack and Derek happy that Jack got his Christmas wish.

Lut Now: Blue Existence [Sylvia's Initiation: Book 1] By Christopher Newman

We at Sizzler are pleased and proud to be able to bring you the very best in wonderfully written and wonderfully hot erotica, and Christopher Newman is one of the best - and his new book proves that and more: Blue Existence [Sylvia's Initiation: Book 1]

Erotica noir at its darkest and most disturbing. Sylvia Meyers, a nurse who was brought up in an orphanage.  Sylvia seeks true love and scorns the those only interested in sex.  But that all changes when she meets visiting professor Nick Dekker.  Nick is open, honest and very experienced.  Sylvia finds herself intrigued by his matter-of-fact attitude towards sex.  She decided to let him teach her.  Nick helps Sylvia break through the Catholic upbringing even after she regresses after a particular terrible dream.  Sylvia becomes a sexual explorer.  Straight, anal, light bondages and multiple partners are experienced.  Each one permits her to delve deeper and deeper into sexual awareness.  Sylvia also unwittingly becomes a slave to erotic sensations. Can she break the addiction - and should she if she can?

Out Now: Slave For A Night & Other Tales Of Bondage And Submission By Reese Gabriel

Here's a great chance to see why Reese Gabriel is considered by fans and reviews alike as one of the best BDSM writers working today: Slave For A Night & Other Tales Of Bondage And Submission

"An erotic journey that you will not soon forget." -Fallen Angel Reviews says . This dazzling collection contains: Sentenced to Please, The Naturals, Just Kink, Slave for a Night, Kristiana's Keeper, Sharing Kimmy, and six more scorching novelettes and short stories. If you like BDSM fiction are in for a real treat: a brand new collection from bestselling bondage author Reese Gabriel.  Download SLAVE FOR A NIGHT and read Gabriel's prose for yourself - you will not be disappointed!

Out Now: Men On Their Knees - Fantasies Of Males In Submission By N.T. Morley

Here's a real treat for fans of female dominance: a brand-new novel by Sizzler's resident master of BDSM erotica, N.T. Morley: On Their Knees - Fantasies Of Males In Submission

From N.T. Morley, the popular and acclaimed author of such maledom-femsub classics as the Castle trilogy, the Library trilogy, , and The Contract, comes a change of pace collection of dazzling male-submissive, female-dominant erotica. The willing victims of "Men on Their Knees" worship their Mistress's bodies and strap-ons, crawling and begging and suffering for the sole purpose of eliciting female pleasure. Helpless in the grip of their sexual hungers, these men surrender themselves to women for the pleasures of pain, degradation, and humiliation, letting themselves be used as playthings while their women do as they please. In Men on their Knees, a man's receptivity to hard, deep strap-on fucking is as compulsory as their willingness to perform oral service on demand and receive whatever sexual denial and erotic pain amuses his Mistress - while she enjoys herself with other women!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Out Now: Eyeball Man [Horror Manor I] By PM White

Here's a real treasure for all of you that love a good erotic read: a wonderful new book my the always-great PM White - and the beginning of a great new series - Eyeball Man [Horror Manor Part I].

Masters of dark arts - they couldn't master their lusts or themselves! Every family has a skeleton or two in their closet. Some literally. But not everyone has a sinister brother whose body is covered in eyeballs, a Gothic sister who lives for orgasmic kinks, a sibling with see-through skin, and others who dwell in fear of their very lives. Enter Berge Manor, a place of death and lust, where the meaning of family values is twisted beyond belief. In the first volume of this compelling and erotic dark fantasy, lounge singer Rhombus Berge wants his family to be like everyone else. But Janis Berge has no interest in normality. Sex and poetry rule her world. Big Jim believes in little more than cold beer and old cars, while hiding his lust for men from the rest of the family. But they'll all need to work together if they want to purge the evil that dwells in Berge Manor. Eyeball man, their plotting, fiendish brother, must go - even if it has to be in a body bag. Sex, murder, weirdness and more at Horror Manor. Cover: Sami Hursey

Out Now: Girlville By Colin

Colin certainly knows his way around an erotic tale - and be absolutely knows what rocks the world of people into feet.  Just check out his new book, Girlville, for a true erotic experience!

One man and a dozen dominatrix! Forced crossdressing and humiliation are only the beginning. When Chris stops at Ruthie’s, he figures it for just another two-bit desert honky-tonk, where girls dance for dollars and the booze runs free.  Little does he know that his pit-stop will lead him into a bizarre and sexy new life...because the ladies at Ruthie’s aren’t your run-of-the-mill strippers. They are mistresses of the art of dominating and feminizing wayward men, transforming them through mind-games and sensuous tortures into smoking hot girls.  Their pride and joy, the lovely, leggy Lena, has been stolen away by a rival mistress named Momma Bear.  The girls want Chris’s help in getting their favorite slave-doll back, and they’ll stop at nothing to persuade him.  Chris will be tied, tormented, tickled half to death, and put in touch with his feminine side…in a serious way.  GIRLVILLE is Colin’s fetish masterpiece, originally published under another name almost a decade ago.  Long out of print, it is dripping with lusty foot worship, tight bondage, tacky wigs, tackier makeup, terrifying tickle-torture, steamy dommes, and the wickedest femdom imaginings this side of that cat who wrote VENUS IN FURS, GIRLVILLE is a place you’ll want to visit again and again.  Because, trust us…feminization is a drag.  Literally.

Out Now: The Taming Of Enkidu By Theda Hudson

Theda Hudson has already roared into the world of erotica with her wonderful novel, Week's Work, and here she is again with a brand new treasure: The Taming Of Enkidu!

Historical, paranormal erotic romance. When the people of Uruk beg the gods to do something about their despot God King, they make Enkidu, a wild man. Enkidu is set down on the plains where he becomes the animals' champion, disrupting the hunters who prey on them. When the hunters complain about Enkidu to the king, he sends Shamat, one of Ishtar's temple harlots, to the wild plains to seduce the savage man and make him civilized. Over seven hot days and hotter nights, Shamat will teach Enkidu it means to be a man and the scorching pleasure to be found in the experienced arms of a Goddess' harlot.

Out Now: Abducted By Master By N. T. Morley

If you like outrageous BDSM erotica - and we know you do - then you know the works of our resident master of the genre: N.T. Morley. Check out his newest book, Abducted, to see why he's so good!

A journey far beyond the limits of bondage and submission. Meredith's ex-Master Jeff is now the owner of the world's most extreme slave training website...and with it, literally dozens of slaves hotter, younger and far more submissive than the willful Meredith, who displeased him greatly by running away five years ago. So when Meredith contacts him to apologize for running away, she can only pay he'll want her back. Little does she know, he's been waiting for her to do exactly that - and he has his on plans for her. And that to prove herself to him she will be a journey far beyond the limits of bondage and submission. Art: Ello.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out Now: The Landlady’s Girl By Rikki De La Vega

Here's a book that's all-but guaranteed to be a favorite of fans of well-written erotica, Rikki De La Vega's The Landlady’s Girl 

When Danni takes a new job in a new city, she finds an apartment like no other.  Not only does she have a great roommate and upstairs neighbors, but their live-in landlady Isabelle has a beautiful slave girl who is willing to service all of them – in every way.  There are protocols and limits, of course, and Isabelle has a rather Victorian demeanor, but Danni soon finds herself enjoying the pleasures of dominating and using this delightful and most willing slut, including bondage, spanking, caning, and intense role playing.  Arrangements are even made to live out their wildest fantasies, from having an office whore, to seducing an ingĂ©nue, to life on a private island.  These are “extra amenities” she and her friend’s are not likely to forget!

Out Now: Bodywork - Gay Erotica By M. Christian

M.Christian has been a celebrated erotic writer for a long time - known for both his literary heat as well as his ability to write for just about any orientation and fetish - and with the release of this new collection of his queer short fiction, BodyWork, you can see just why he's considered to be one of the very best!

There is simply no one better at writing hotter-than-hot gay erotica than the Lambda Literary Award Finalist M.Christian, and with this -- his newest collection -- you'll see why!  From cowboys looking for some same-sex love on the range to jocks working out in unique ways this book is guaranteed to reach out and give your gay desire a good tug!  Check out this brand new book my an acknowledged master of genre and see why everyone says he's an wonderful erotic writer.

M.Christian is a literary stylist of the highest caliber: smart,   funny, frightening, sexy -- there's nothing he can't write about ...  and brilliantly.
- Tristan Taormino

M.Christian is one sick fuck – the reason I still read erotica
- Shar Rednour

Reading these tales is like climbing on for a sexual magic carpet ride through different times and places, diverse bodies, and infinite possibilities.
- Carol Queen

Rarely is raunch paired with such style and wit, M.Christian’s stries offer the sizzle of stroke-book sex combined with the dark lyricism of the perverse.
-  Lucy Taylor

M.Christian’s fiction has a sexy logic all its own.  He’s inventive and he’s irreverent.  His language can seduce, surprise, and body-slam you.
- Cecilia Tan

Out Now: Seduced Into Stripping By C. K. Ralston

Here's a wonderful new erotic book by our celebrated master of the genre, C. K. Ralston: Seduced Into Stripping

An outrageously erotic tale of submission and exhibitionism by one of Sizzler's premier erotic writers!  If you like your erotica extra-spicy, with a side of BDSM, this this is the book for you!

Out Now: The Contract - A Novel Of Erotic Submission By N. T. Morley

If you like BSDM erotica then, more than likely, you know about the fantastic work of N. T. Morley - and if you don't then pick up his newest book - The Contract: A Novel Of Erotic Submission - to discover how good he is.

A Master and Mistress make a bet, and the loser becomes the winner's slave. Friends and rival slave trainers Carlton and Sarah agree to a wager while Carlton is Sarah's guest in her mansion: Can Carlton train Sarah's most recalcitrant young female sex slave, Tina? The winner of the bet gets the absolute submission of the loser...a degrading fate for either Carlton or Sarah, both dedicated Dominants and longtime slave trainers. Carlton is confident he'll prevail -- and have Sarah's sweet ass in a sling as soon as he succeeds in breaking Tina's will. But Tina turns out to be quite a handful of submissive young flesh. And to complicate things, Sarah's determined to make her friend and rival's life very interesting while he's staying with her... There is simply no one better than N. T. Morley at writing BDSM erotica and with THE CONTRACT: A NOVEL OF EROTIC SUBMISSION he proves just how good he can be. 

Out Now: On The Prowl By Mykola Dementiuk

Sizzler is extremely pleased and proud to release a brand new queer erotic treasure by the Lambda-award winner for Best Bisexual Fiction: Mykola Dementiuk.  Reading On The Prowl you will discover for yourself why Mick is considered to be one of the best gay erotic writers working today!

Take a walk on the wide side with this brand-new novelette by Mykola Dementiuk, the Lambda Award winner for Best Bisexual Fiction for Times Square!  If you like your queer erotica with a taste of the darker parts of life in the Big Apple, then this is a book that will stay with you for a long-long time.  An sexual adventure with a large dash of Latino spice, ON THE PROWL is packed with wild, gender-bending characters looking for a good time ... and something more. Susie Bright says Mylola Dementiuk's Times Square stories capture perfectly "the day when Times Square was all about sex, drugs, and cold spit ... the just-burgeoning hardcore movie houses and girlie shows of Times Square in the 1960s. It's... vivid. Harsh, real, and yes, erotic, in a stomach-churning way. Genuine whoreporn from a time when things were not talked about, at all, in the twilight zone." Book reviews by Crystal describes the Times Square stories as, "Dirty, naughty and very real."

Out Now: Total Femdom [The Best Of M. J. Rennie Vol. II] M. J. Rennie

There is simply no better writer of female dominant BSDM erotica than M. J. Rennie - and here's the second volume of Rennie's best to prove it: Total Femdom

Here it is: a generous does of the best femdom erotica by one of the leading writers in the field. Once again, Rennie proves himself to be unequaled as an author of female domination.  As Rennie says in the introduction to this new book: "It is an axiom of the finest Femdom fiction that the submissive male is usually better endowed, better adjusted, stronger, and in the long run, more sexually successful than his dominant male brethren.  And, as you might expect, the preferred sex act of the submissive male is not intercourse, but cunnilingus. The man who goes down willingly and joyously on a woman is the man who will eventually get more sexual opportunities.  This is a strategy for gratification not to be despised. There you have it, lads.  Go ahead.  Let her be the boss in bed and elsewhere.  Chances are, you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of loving intimacy, prosperity, and electrifying orgasms."