Monday, October 24, 2011

Out Now: Wicked And Wild West By Powerone

There's a very good reason by PowerOne is considered by many to be our star writer of wildly hot BDSM - and with his newest book, Wicked And Wild West, you can discover his talents for yourself!

At the mercy of outlaws, Indians and gunslingers this family endures hardship and captivity as they travel to the west in 1850. Bondage and submission are extracted from them, but they endure to arrive in the Wicked and Wild West. Their lives changed, they embark on new journeys that take them far from what they could have imagined when they left. The survivors relinquish their bodies in ways they never could have envisioned, but all have found something they craved deep in their souls.  By the best-selling author of BDSM TODAY!

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