Monday, October 24, 2011

Out Now: The Traffickers Vol.1 By Mary Alice Clarke

There is simply no better writer of cutting-edge BDSM thrillers than Mary Alice Clarke, and her new book, The Traffickers Vol.1, proves it!

FICTION TORN FROM THE HEADLINES. From the author: "Women who say that they could never be broken and would never submit have not been there.  They have not been sexually tormented day and night for days and weeks.  They have not spent every minute of those days and weeks under the threat of horrific punishment and slow, agonizing death, with no hope of escape or rescue, denied even the liberation of suicide, repeatedly and systematically violated in every way that a woman can be.  Some women play at being slaves.  But real slavery is a journey, which begins against a woman's will and ends when she has no will left. The stories that follow are fictionalized versions of the real experiences of women who made the passage."

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