Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out Now: Taken Bi Love By Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson is - simply put - a star erotic writer guaranteed to stimulate even the most jaded fan of erotica in ways they couldn't expect, and with her new bisexual treat, Taken Bi Love, you'll see why.

Sex for pay is the way Brian likes it. No talking, no intimacy, no ties. His body for sale to whoever pays the price. Then his sister guilts him into taking on Rebecca, a virginal, man-shy customer on a pro bono basis. Soon, Rebecca's "no's" become "yes's". Now Rebecca wants him to talk and share his life before she's willing to get undressed. Soon, their forced intimacy makes Brian reassess what he really wants from sex, and Rebecca throw caution to the wind when she finds an orgasm is what makes life worth living. What neither expects is to make basic discoveries about their own sexuality and preferences. The result is a surprise happy ending - when each is taken by bi-love - because sometimes sex has a way of rewriting the rules for love.

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