Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out Now: The Lion Man [The Breeding Stock Saga, Book 2] By Melissa Harlow

We simply cannot say enough good things about our star erotica writer, Melissa Harlow - and with her new book, part two in her Breeding Stock Saga, The Lion Man, you'll see why!

Sometimes there are things far worse than a masterful man! Imprisoned by a sadistic tyrant Shandie has all but given up on the idea of escape or rescue. After the epidemic, the only people left alive that she has encountered have been evil. They are the takers. Human beings, without conscience, who take what they need, or what they want, including women. Easygoing Vaughn, and his adopted son Nicky, happen upon the trailer where Shandie is being kept. Wanting a woman for themselves, they don't take their plan of getting her all that seriously until Nicky is critically wounded. With food running out and no medicine, to Vaughn, the situation doesn't seem like it could get much worse- except that Shandie keeps insisting that there is something evil in the woods. Vaughn has seen the signs that she's right, but he refuses to believe it. When they all come face to face with that evil they find themselves in a sick world where women are slaves, and the men are something far, far worse. If you enjoyed BREEDING STOCK - and we know you did - it's a book that has just about everything for fans of hot, well-written BDSM erotica - then you HAVE to pick up this  sequel, THE LION MAN By one of the current mistresses of BDSM erotica, MELISSA HARLOW! Cover: Sami Hursey

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  1. I hope that everyone enjoys this book, I put a lot of work into trying to get everything perfect. I am very proud of this one!!