Monday, October 3, 2011

Out Now: The Extraordinary Adventures Of Dandy O'Donnell By Rory R. O'Neal

Here's a bawdy tale for all you fans of classic erotica with a BBW flair - a wonderful new novel by Rory R. O'Neal: The Extraordinary Adventures Of Dandy O'Donnell

She had an ovesized libido - and a body to match. Feisty BBW, Dandy O’Donnell has made a hobby out of interesting sexual encounters, the details of which are relayed to her old friend Madeline, who vicariously experiences through Dandy what she would never have the gumption to do for herself. In this volume, we are treated to thirteen accounts of such disgraceful shenanigans involving our eponymous heroine. Enjoy Rory's adventures as she indulges herself in the unlikeliest of places, stranded lifts, a milking parlour, a case of mistaken identity, a bank raid, a crowded subway train, a priest, a swimming pool, a biker’s camp, a lesbian builder and many more. Here's a new spin on the classic Victoriana tale of lust and adventure. Full of fascinating characters, steamy sex scenes, and outrageous sex!  The good old - and kinky - days have never been as grand as this new Rory O'Neal novel! Art: Sami Hursey.

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