Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out Now: Arcadia [A Diranda Saga Book] By Tabitha Bradley

Now here's a special treat for anyone who is a fan of erotica with some wonderful science fantasy thrown in: Tabitha Bradley's new book in her Diranda Saga, Arcadia

POWERFUL SCIENCE-FANTASY IN THE DARKOVER TRADITION! New revised, expanded, unabridged edition. Intergalactic adventurer soldier-of-fortune, Alexandra T'Kayn, returns to Arcadia, the Elysian colony world she grew up on, only to find you truly can't go home again. For her home world has been invaded by their enemy, the Regissians, in this enthralling science-fantasy of people, greed and ambition that only becomes more intense as it unfolds. A "Wild Psi," Alexandria's uncontrollable, but powerful, psionic powers have gotten her into big trouble in the past. When she was younger, these powers have attracted the attention of dangerous individuals who wished to make use of them for their own purposes. Their attempts to capture or control her were among the reasons she left her childhood home. Now she is back to use her abilities to help her besieged world and her friends. But Alexandria becomes a target when the leader of the Regissians, Cerin Tesar, an old enemy, discovers her powers that may hold the key to his dreams of galactic conquest. When Alexandria is captured, all seems lost -- but all is not lost. Worlds away, Alexandria's psionic cries are heard by the Guardians of Alara, a small, eclectic group of individuals blessed with a remarkable ancient legacy. Though splintered and at odds with one another, the Guardians realize they must help Alex and the Arcadians, for Cerin Tesar has taken possession of something powerful, dangerous; a mysterious Artifact that could possibly make him invincible. However, Cerin isn’t the only one after Alexandria. Another is his lecherous son, the sexy, handsome Sebastian, who even Alexandria finds disturbingly attractive; another is Justin Galliard, Alexandria's foster brother; and perhaps most dangerous is the renegade member of Guardians of Alara who is hot on her trail -- and is in full control of his powers. Arcadia is an intense, action-packed story, with elements of science fiction, magic, and romance. If you love extremely steamy erotica infused with wonderful fantasy and science fiction then you know all about Tabitha Bradley - and with her book, ARCADIA, you'll understand why she is considered to be one of the very best writers of sexual writing there are!

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