Thursday, September 22, 2011

Q&A with Sizzler Author Jay Lawrence

Jay Lawrence is an expatriate Scot who lives near Vancouver, Canada. She has published twenty some ebooks with Sizzler Editions, most with an emphasis on bondage and discipline. Her many short stories have appeared in publications on both sides of the Atlantic. In the interest of research, Ms Lawrence says, she has experienced much of what she writes about and has lived to tell the tale! In the process, she has discoverd that truth is often stranger than fiction…

Sizzler Editions: Why do you write the type of book you are best known for?
Jay Lawrence: I have always written, since a very young child, but rather fell into writing erotica around twelve years ago when I wrote a book which was rejected by a mainstream electronic publisher as being "too explicit". However, they felt it had potential and suggested I try it with the late David Dyer at Renaissance. And I've been happily writing erotica for REB ever since! It should be noted that my original novel, "The Love Slave", was never intended to be sadomasochistic erotica - it just turned out that way!

Sizzler Editions:
Where do you get your ideas?
Jay Lawrence: Everywhere. Ideas for stories have come from snippets of conversation overheard, people I've encountered, other books (not necessarily erotica), movies, past experiences - you name it! One interesting project is to select an image you are drawn to and create a story around it. I have done this on several occasions.

Sizzler Editions: How and when do you write?
Jay Lawrence:
My usual writing location is the loft office of my house on Vancouver Island but I have been known to write long-hand sitting cross-legged on my bed. I have scribbled in notebooks on trains and on the backs of till receipts in buses. If an idea comes to mind, it's best to get it down as soon as possible. I used to be very much a morning writer but these days I am tending to drift towards the afternoon.

Sizzler Editions:
What do you like most about being an author?
Jay Lawrence: I have always enjoyed fantasy. Writing allows me to create my own world and immerse myself in it. Then I can share it with a host of (largely unknown) others which has a certain exhibitionist thrill.

Sizzler Editions:
What is your advice to beginning writers.
Jay Lawrence: Seek out and read material in the genre you are interested in. Observe what gets published and the titles that become especially popular. Study form. At the same time, develop your own "voice" - and a thick skin for the inevitable rejections. Writing is a craft and it takes time to develop - my own style has changed quite a bit over the years. At first I chose a rather elaborate wordy approach and have since learned that simpler prose can be most effective.

Sizzler Editions: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Jay Lawrence: I recently found a review online which described me as "the infamous Ms Lawrence". I took that as the highest compliment! My spanking titles are quite popular and I can only hope that they titillate both the seasoned "spankophile" and the simply curious.

Sizzler Editions: What can your readers look forward to from you in the future.
Jay Lawrence: I am currently working on an historical novella (tentative title "Master of Melincourt"), returning to themes I previously explored in "A Magnificent Pair". Lord Melincourt has apparently decided to hire an educated young lady to tutor him in French. However, when Liza arrives at foreboding Melincourt Hall she swiftly discovers that her stern new employer has some very specific and dark desires...

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