Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out Now: Tied To Passion By Amber Rose Thompson

Here is a fantastic treat for fans of not just magnificent BDSM erotica but fine writing as well: Tied To Passion By Amber Rose Thompson!

Celene is a dominatrix by night and a publisher by day. She believes in one thing - her power to get what she wants. Her latest target is the up-and-coming writer, Rodney, a very determined man who insists on being the ruler in bed. Celene schemes to ensnare Rodney into writing porn to help pay the bills, which she thinks will give her control over him. But when he does, Pandora's proverbial writer's box is opened, and unexpected stories emerge, stories that contain endings she never anticipated - dangerous endings. For, Celene and Rodney soon find themselves struggling to be in control of their relationship, each wanting to conquer and enslave the other - they may not be able to escape the bonds love has placed them. For the two find themselves enslaved by something stronger - and tied to passion.

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