Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out Now: The Jarl Of Jamaka [Gadifriald's Saga #5] By T.J. Lazier

Here's something very special for fans of T.J. Lazier's wonderful erotic series -- a brand new installment: The Jarl Of Jamaka [Gadifriald's Saga #5]

The fifth instalment of "Gadifriald's Saga" continues the erotic and magical adventures of Gadifriald Lokkasson and Carine Ariansdaughter as they lead a fleet of Stoneshorelander and Antilian warriors to the Norse pirate held island of Jamaka. Enchantment and magical seduction and rape and battle ensue and through ancient magic and force of arms Gadi and Rosa prevail in a wild battle that is a rebellion against the jarl whom Gadi saves while Rosa saves the magically captured Cari from the scheming and enchanted Altus whom Gadi engages in a fierce duel to obtain the truth of his father's reported death after he and Cari have a most erotic interlude with the aid of the young Ammy.

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