Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Writer's Experience

By Sizzler Editions author Ambrose Thompson

Being a transman, has given me an interesting perspective in writing romance novels. I was born with a female presentation, and spent my child and teen years attempting to be a woman, but never quite managed to fit it. As I grew up, I realized my problem in finding love, falling in love, and being true to myself revolved around coming to terms with my own gender. And so I transitioned. How does this affect my writing? In three major ways.

First, I spent my hormonally challenged youth being female and surrounded by other females. I know what women, what I wanted, in romance. Like so many others, I immersed myself in romance novels hoping to catch a glimpse of true love and my heart’s delight. But then I transitioned, and came into another view of romance and love.

As a man, my context changed and I got an inside glimpse of what men desire. This dual experience provides me a larger context for writing romance from a dualistic point of view.

Second, I know from running on estrogen to running on testosterone how much chemicals affect how we perceive and relate to the people around us. I have a rare honor of knowing how women and men talk both internally to themselves and externally amidst others.

Together, this makes writing romance novels more exciting. My female and male characters take different points of my own history to make them feel like living, breathing people one could meet on the street. I never want the reader to feel the female lead is unrealistic or for that matter that the male lead is false feeling. I use my own extensive experience living life as both genders to put flesh and blood into my characters.

Third, as I experimented with gender and gender presentation, my own hang ups and feelings of shame or guilt about sex and sexual needs exploded. I use this personal knowledge of guilt, desire, and need to move the characters in the novels through their own travails of BDSM as it plays out in romance.

No matter what, a writer will only succeed if experience backs up characters to make them feel real. My own unusual past has helped my writing in casting both genders as leads and in exploring how society inhibits sexual expression in love.

Ambrose Thompson is the author of the upcoming Sizzler Intoxication release Making of a Husband, a sexy BDSM romance about a writer and his editrix. Look for it soon!


  1. That's been my problem too, born a man but being a woman underneath. I spent a lot of years drinking and going from bar to bar picking up whoever was willing to go to bed with me. When I started writing my need for that kind of wasteful sex dwindled and the true me came out, a sexual writer, which if what I always wanted to be. I thank Sizzler for putting some of my books in print, they're just great!

  2. Well neither of us are alone then. Ambrose