Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Snow Queen - A tale of definite love and bondage by Clarice Clique

This post is brought to you by the wonderful Clarissa Clique, author in Bound for Romance, available from Amazon here Her erotic romance "The Snow Queen" gives us an interesting viewpoint in romantic fiction these days, combined with BDSM in a non-traditional manner.

The Snow Queen is the perfect modern woman, albeit a modern woman who is centuries old and lives in an ice palace in a fantasy world. But she is a bitch, in the best possible use of the word. She sees what she wants and she takes it.

And what she sees is a newlywed man named Kai making beautiful love to his beautiful bride, Gerda. The Snow Queen works her wicked magic, takes him to her ice palace and attempts to enchant him into loving her as much as he loves Gerda.

While she romances the youthful Kai, the Snow Queen tries to ignore the age old bonds that connect her to another male, the Fire Lord. Once they were one being but the magic broke and split them into opposed bodies. When they meet flesh burns and hearts are frozen.

Gerda never doubts her bond to her husband. She’ll traverse continents and undergo any trials to be reunited with him. Her innocence is constantly tested on her journey, but how can she fail to be faithful to the man who has been her best friend all her life, who is the only man to kiss her and to see her naked? Plus there was that magical thing he did on their wedding night, that makes her tingle every time she thinks about how he touched her. But still there are many people who want to explore Gerda’s body and claim it for themselves, from a lonely witch, to a kind prince and princess. How strong are the bonds of love? Can they survive such temptation? Can they give a young woman the determination to face a wolfman and a band of lustful gypsies?

The Snow Queen wants Gerda to fail and she’s used to getting what she wants. But perhaps, even with all her age and power and experience, she isn’t being honest to herself about what she wants. Is there a possibility that she’s a bad girl who’s yearning for the man who can dominate her, a master who is so supreme; she can do nothing but submit to him with a smile? There is only one possible being who could command her, the creature she’s spent half her life on this world plotting to destroy.

The Fire Lord teases her with his nakedness and his human slaves and his demonettes, but beneath all the words and games, he is the only one who understands her, the only one who could ever understand her.

The Snow Queen and Gerda are both on journeys to find their life partner, pulled and pushed forward by a force neither of them completely understand, but which neither of them can escape from; true love.

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