Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Q and A with Sizzler Author Fulani

Even though the author known as Fulani is new to Sizzler Books he's already made a name for himself with his wonderful new book, Hanging Around.  We sat down (so to speak) with Fulani to ask him a few questions about he and his writing.

Sizzler Editions: Why do you write the type of book you are best known for?

Fulani: I'm not sure I'm 'best known' for any particular type of book, except that my stories usually have a lot of BDSM and explicit sex! Beyond that, I try to experiment with different styles. I write largely about things I know, and strive to get the details right; but at the same time I enjoy exploring new areas and try to incorporate those into my writing too. In a nutshell, the reason I write any story, of any length, I do is because I'm trying to work through an idea I think is interesting and because I think I'd enjoy reading the end result.

Sizzler Editions: Where do you get your ideas?

Fulani: Inspiration comes from everywhere – knowledge of the bdsm world and things I've actually done, obviously, but also dreams, stuff I see or hear in the media, conversations I overhear in the street, even academic books and articles. I’m usually working on several stories at any given moment.

Sizzler Editions: How and when do you write?

Fulani: Compulsively, all the time - and yes, it drives my partner to distraction sometimes. If I'm not in my study and don't have a laptop with me, I'm often just making notes of places, situations, conversations and other details I think I'll want to include somehow, somewhere, in one of the projects I'm working on.

Sizzler Editions: What do you like most about being an author?

Fulani: Freedom from 9-to-5, and being able to do my own thing. I can work when, where and how I like, on what projects I want. The irony is I work more obsessively than I would do if I were employed!

Sizzler Editions: What is your advice to beginning writers.

Fulani: I like the advice JG Ballard once gave: 'Do anything else, take someone's golden retriever for a walk, run away with a saxophone player.' But if you can't follow his advice, first and foremost write something you'd like to read yourself; study the market; get extremely good at grammar, punctuation and proof-reading because these things matter a great deal to readers; develop a thick skin, because rejection is very common; and have another source of income!

Sizzler Editions: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Fulani: I have fans? In that case I'd say thank you for enjoying my work, and I hope you continue to enjoy the things I write in future.

Sizzler Editions: What can your readers look forward to from you in the future?

Fulani: More sex and more BDSM - but in different contexts and styles, because I like to keep things fresh.

A teaser from Hanging Around:

Teaser - from 'Hanging Around':
Two in the morning, in the old meatpacking factory. Mariska struggled against the ropes holding her hands above her head, but only succeeded in losing her balance. She swung from side to side, scrabbling for balance with her toes. Her breasts heaved as she sucked in breath, pushing against the rags that were her only clothing. Her face and body were streaked with dirt. And she was very aware of the amount of flesh this position revealed to her tormentors – legs, belly, throat, shoulders.

One of the men reached out to steady her. His hands were warm, and he let them rest on her hips lingeringly, emphasizing her helplessness. "You know," he said to his colleague, "she really would make a beautiful snack for a starving zombie." It was a logical, if menacing, comment since he was still in full zombie makeup.

Turning back to her, he sipped a beer thoughtfully and appraised her as if browsing in a slave market. "I'm not going to release you; you'll have to live with this position for a while yet. But what I will do is give you some of my beer – provided you promise to give me a kiss when I let you down." He offered her the bottle, motioning that she should tip her head up to receive the rim against her lips.

Mariska started to giggle uncontrollably.

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