Monday, August 8, 2011

Out Now: The Difference Between By Stephanie Burke

A rip-roaring story of fantasy and hot erotic adventures!  It simply doesn't get any better than Stephanie Burke's new novel, The Difference Between

Elf-Orc Man-Love Erotic Fantasy! Rotic was a whore when his father found him, a warrior of some renown when he became a leader of the Chieftain's Orc Army, and a confused half human hybrid when he was gifted with a consort. But Rotic always knew his place in life and nothing would ever take his position away from him. Ogun was a whore when he was brought to the castle of the High Orc Chieftain as a broken used tribute, named Consort when he met his partner, and lost in a whole new way of life before the sun had set. He had a new position, a growing relationship with his new partner, and the best sex of his life. Nothing could ever ruin this. But with treacherous humans threatening the Orc Nation, magical and cultural land mines to traverse, and the advent of a wife being added to the mix, Ogun and Rotic felt their lives changing faster than they can blink. Now with little time to prepare and several personal issues to overcome, Ogun and Rotic have to learn to adjust and overcome before the differences between them become an insurmountable mountain that can destroy them both.

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