Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love Was Dirty Words By Sarah Bella

I wrote my first novel at the age of fourteen and before that it was poetry and short stories. Writing is a release for me – an absolute necessity. If I don’t get the words on the page, they plague me. I’ve lain awake many nights with someone’s story in my head and more than once I’ve jolted upright at 2 AM and scribbled a line or two on my hand in the dark. I got a voice recorder app for my phone to keep the words at bay while I drive.

Any story I write tends to have a romantic, sweet theme, regardless of how dirty it is. I’m in love with the concept of complete and utter devotion – that driving force that compels a man to do whatever it takes to satisfy his woman in every way possible. That drive is part of the appeal of the D/s relationship. The idea that a man and woman can be so completely devoted, have so much trust between them to literally turn their bodies over to one another is incredible.

So, in my mind – admittedly a scary place to be – a man flogging his wife is one of the sweetest gestures possible. It ranks right up there with a bouquet of anything-but-Roses-or-Carnations. Vanilla sex is fun, but it just doesn’t speak to me the way kink does.

Love was Dirty Words is the story of a married couple who have figured out how to stay connected as their lives get busier and fuller. They recognize that they speak different languages when it comes to love and have learned each other’s language fluently. It’s the story of a couple- very much in love- dealing with feelings of inadequacy and struggling to make their marriage their top priority.

Every fourth Saturday they have a standing date in their play room; a date that Ian plans in its entirety. His plans unfailingly include tying her to something and flogging her senseless. As Ellie takes blow after blow she can feel the power shift between them and knows the point at which she becomes the one in charge, handcuffs notwithstanding.

I fell in love with Ellie and Ian the way that a mother falls in love with her children – instantly and unconditionally. They absolutely wrote their own story and dragged me along for the ride. They really are the sweetest characters I’ve written. I would love, someday, to have the opportunity to turn their story into a series of novellas.

And we'd love to publish that series of novellas! You can read and find out more about Love Was Dirty Words in the anthology Bound for Romance, edited by Sascha Illyvich.

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