Wednesday, July 13, 2011

QandA with "Ello" - Sizzler Editions Cover Artist

Ello has been producing memorable cover art for Sizzler Editions for most of a decade. In that time, he has created over 200 striking cover images which have graced the Sizzler Editions website and ebooks. Some are displayed with this interview.

Sizzler Editions: What initially inspired you to do bondage and discipline oriented art?

Ello: I'm not really sure. It's just been there, and explaining one's own motivation isn't entirely easy. I suppose it must come from some deep well in my personality. And I found that it's saleable, which was no small matter for any artist. And it probably appeals to me partly just because it's still something of social taboo, and artists can often explore taboos better than many others can.

Sizzler Editions: Where do you get your ideas?

Ello: From everywhere. I've even seen newspaper photos that just jumped off the page to me, for example showing me a couple standing together that had a composition I hadn't seen before - I've tacked those to a corkboard on the wall behind my desk to keep the image fresh in my mind as I compose my own. Sometimes a smile on a model for a chain store ad circular catches my eye. Sometimes, more often lately, I've found some ideas in playing around in Second Life, learning how the D/s and BDSM communities express themselves there.

Sizzler Editions: How and when do you painbt/create the cover art?

Ello: I use a version of Painter, a software program I've used since buying an early version several years ago. Lately, I've used version 6, which gives me all I need. I try to work on several pieces at a time, to keep a pipeline open to my creative side, and to give me several chances to go back and put a little more effort into each one after getting a series of chances to decide how far along it is and what I should do next with it.

Sizzler Editions: What do you like most about being an artist of erotic images?

Ello: Getting a piece to the point where I can say, ahhhh, now, it's ready. That might take hours, spread over a couple weeks or more, so progress along the way is great. But there's nothing like the feeling that a piece is done, and it's time to see which piece to polish next.

Sizzler Editions: What is your advice to beginning artists?
Ello: Keep at it. Period. Nothing helps our art so much as just doing it 

Sizzler Editions: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Ello: Thanks! Gracias! Danke! In whatever language, many thanks for liking my art. 

Sizzler Editions: What can fans of your work look forward to from you in the future? 

Ello: Why, more covers for Renaissance, of course.


  1. How nice it is to get to know the people who help make Sizzler Editions Shine.

  2. Something innocent and naive about these covers like a schoolgirl enticing you to a little more pleasure. You blindly plunge in...
    Very good work ;)