Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Out Now: Tales Of Unexpected Pleasure By Powerone

There is simply no one better at writing cutting-edge BDSM erotica than our own best selling PowerOne - and he proves just how hot and wild he can be in this brand new book: Tales Of Unexpected Pleasure
From Powerone, the award-winning author of “Tales of Bondage and Submission,” comes Powerone’s second collection of stories, “Tales of Unexpected Pleasure.” Here are three exciting bondage novellas of women experiencing pleasure in the least likely of circumstances.  Some were drawn into these circumstances through the doing of others, some through of their own doing. All found themselves performing sexual acts that they never would have imagined, let alone engaged in, yet each experienced unexpected pleasure beyond their comprehension.  Was it the act of submission that drove their pleasure?  Did each have a deep-seated desire to perform acts that society would have frowned upon, but discovered they felt no guilt when forced to perform those acts? “Out of Debt,” Bill and Amy took a car loan from a loan shark.  Unable to pay, Amy has to pay with the only collateral left, her body, as her husband watches. “Jailed:  Getting Them Off for Good Behavior,” Sandy finds out about justice in a small, remote town.  She is forced to choose her freedom or thirty days in a filthy cell.  The title tells it all. “The Price of Education,” She needed an A but didn’t want to put in the work to get it.  Kelly thought she could control her professor with her sensuous body, but he had other plans.  He had her pick her grade, A, B or C, each one requiring her to perform a sexual act beginning with the letter.  Kelly progressed from a C to a B finally to an A. You won’t be able to put down “Tales of Unexpected Pleasure” until you finish the last page.  

There is simply no one better at writing sizzling BDSM erotica than our resident master of the genre: Powerone!  And with this, his newest treasury of dominance and submission, you will see why.  In TALES OF UNEXPECTED PLEASURE he gives us three novella-length tales of power, control and sexuality.  If you like your BDSM full of the things that PowerOne does so well (sex, sexuality and boundless eroticism) then you will enjoy the tales in “Tales of Unexpected Pleasure.”

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  1. No matter how often you hear"There is simply no one better at writing sizzling BDSM erotica than our resident master of the genre: Powerone!" He does set the standard.