Monday, July 25, 2011

Out Now: Non-Negotiable By Renata Barber

Here's a treat and a treasure for all fans of erotic romance: Non-Negotiable by Renata Barber

A erotic romance like no other!  Elizabeth Lowell had everything figured out; an Ivy League education, a job at one of the top investment firms on Wall Street and the opportunity to catapult her onwards to a higher position. At least that was the way events were supposed unfold. But, when she outbids Jared Bentley, ‘the Beast of Wall Street’, and wins a precious heirloom at an exclusive auction house, her finely tuned plans take a turn for the worse. Fired unexpectedly, Elizabeth soon finds herself unemployed with no other alternative than to accept an offer from Jared Bentley as his ‘proposed mistress’ and PR assistant. But, soon Elizabeth discovers there’s more than meets the eye to the man they call the ‘Beast’ and the power he actually yields at Bentley Industries, the company he co-founded with his brother, Sterling. A previously failed marriage has taken its toll on his affairs, finance and distorted his public image as a ruthless man with heart that will never be touched…or so it seems. But, can a man who has everything materially actually put a price tag on the nature of true love and get away with it? Will Jared let down his defenses long enough for Elizabeth to help him regain his sense of trust and stature in the financial community and make him loveable, once again? A dynamic and memorable read l full of striking characters, intrigue, romance, and sexuality!

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