Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out Now: Mastered By The Hired Man By Melissa Harlow

Here's a sexy, steamy, wild ride like no other erotic novel out there: with Mastered By The Hired Man you'll see why Melissa Harlow is considered a true master of sexy storytelling.

Lenore wanted more and she found it in the dominating power of her hired man!  Lenore’s marriage began under bizarre circumstances when she was only eighteen years old. Threesomes and late night trips to the stable, where Master James made use of a deliciously wicked riding crop, their sex life was anything but dull. After twenty years of marriage things are suddenly changing. James grows ill and must hire two men to help on the ranch. Lenore tries to fight an immediate attraction to one of them but James sees the things that Lenore has written in her journal about the hired man, Carlos, and their marriage is about to get a whole lot more unusual. James Acheson seems to take such great pleasure in humiliating his wife and while that troubles the hired man, Carlos, he’s in no position to say no to James’ requests. As things begin to escalate, Carlos fears that he has become even more depraved than Master James, because while he knows that he is in love with Lenore Acheson, he won’t be truly satisfied until he has finally mastered her. If you are looking for hot, steamy, and best-of-all wild BDSM erotica then look no further that Melissa's Harlow's brand-new kinky masterpiece of power, control and romance on the ranch.

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  1. This cover is awesome, I absolutely love it!! ~The book ain't half bad either, but I am a little biased ;)
    Thank you all so much!