Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out Now: His Fifteenth Victim By Betty Carlton

Here's an erotic noir treat like no other: a hot and steamy but also thrilling and exciting book by our resident expect in all things erotic and dangerous, Betty Carlton: His Fifteenth Victim

Brad an assassin who decides at the last minute his latest victim doesn't deserve to die. Instead he will take her prisoner until he is able to sort out what the truth is surrounding her. Once convinced something is wrong, he goes in to a protective mode. He will be demanding and arduous with his methods of domination. The depth of his physical response to her submission sets Brad on a mission to keep her for himself. Unknowingly he has fallen in love with her. An unforeseen traffic accident leaves Brad in a coma and frees her from him grasp. Sandra now with amnesia will rebuilt her life without him, but not without the child she carries. The fates, however, are no finished with Brad. After a number of weeks Brad finally wins the battle and pulls out of the coma's grip. It takes many reconstructive facial surgeries and months of rehab before he re-enters the world with only one goal; to find Sandra. He is well aware she is still in harms way from his original employers. Cover: Suzannah Safi

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