Monday, July 25, 2011

Out Now: Branded Hearts By Shay Maclean

If you like erotic and female dominant romances - and we know you do - then you must check out this brand new sexual treasure by Shay Maclean: Branded Hearts

Thrilling romance - and female domination! Margarit St. James has her heart set on running the Action Adventure Division of her family's virtual publishing company, but when her father refuses and gives her the Branded Division instead she's furious. She's never had any luck with romance in her personal life, how can she manage a division that specializes in it? Even worse--her Vice President of Operations, turns out to be the man of her dreams, but his personal issues kept them from exploring what could have been. Now, it's her past getting in the way. Alex Barrett is livid when he learns he's been demoted to VP, that is until he sees who's taken over. Margarit has haunted his dreams ever since the fateful night he'd pushed her away. He’s learned that you can heal your emotional scars enough to love again. Feeling that providence has given him a second chance with Maggie, he decides to show her how to heal emotionally and learn to trust others with her safety, but will she be able to accept the woman who holds the other half of his heart too? Jasmyn Carrara has always known she didn't possess all of Alex's heart. When she finds out the new boss at work is the one that holds the other half she'll stop at nothing to ensure that Maggie heals and becomes a part of their life - permanently.

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