Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Out Now: Bound For Romance Edited By Sascha Illyvich

Here's a treat for BDSM romance fans: a wonderful new anthology of some of the best erotica writers in the business - and edited by our master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich: Bound For Romance

Though some people shudder at the thought of any relationship between bdsm and love, people have always acknowledged the intimate connection between romance and bondage. Terms like "tying the knot," "the chains of love," "love's bondage," and "p---y whipped," among hundreds of others signify our conscious cultural awareness of this connection. What could be more romantic than the willing, conscious surrender of heart and body by a  "bottom" to a "top." In this Here's an all new collection of romantic, erotic novellas of bondage and domination by four celebrated masters of the form, who pool their considerable talents to produce a truly memorable reading experience!  Em Petrova's "Alice's Wonderland" is a hotter-than-hot tale of sexual awakening; Sarah Bella's "Love Was Dirty Words" shows us that sex and love can be two great things even better when they are together; Michael Mandrake's "Binding Justice" is a tale of romance and erotica like no other, and Clarice Clique's "The Snow Queen" is a fairy tale of sex and domination and love that will stay with you for a long, long time! Sascha Illyvich's last romantic anthology, My Sexy Valentine, was a "recommended read" at Romancing the Book, received a "5 Cup" rating at Coffee and Romance, a "thumbs up" at Pen Muse, was called a "spicy read" at Sizzling Hot Books, and Man Oh Man said it was full of "unexpectedsurprises." Don't miss his newest anthology of eros and loving bondage.


  1. I know a couple of the authors who took part in this. They had a ball. And everyone was has read it loves it. Well done Guys! Hot cover too.

  2. Thanks Betty. It's a great anthology, one that'll do well I'm sure!