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Q and A with Sizzler Author Patricia Green

Patricia Green's erotic ebooks for Sizzler Editions include the sexy science fiction novel, Laricon's Ways, the lesbian collection, Four-Part Hermony, and the Daughter of the Moon series.

SIZZLER EDITIONS: Why do you write the type of book you are best known for? PATRICIA GREEN: I write erotic romance novels. I grew up reading romance, and, for some reason, my characters all want to have sex a lot. When I see the "movie in my head" that is every scene I write, I simply type it out. Sex is a natural outcome of many romantic interactions. And, I love happily-ever-afters. Ambiguous endings leave me unsatisfied with a book. For me, that realm is for literary fiction writers.

SIZZLER EDITIONS: Where do you get your ideas?
PATRICIA GREEN: That's a good question. Most of my stories come from having a conflict idea in my mind first, and then asking "who would be most affected by this situation?" So, what if a girl in a difficult relationship meets a dominant but nice guy and then they're thrown together in close quarters for a prolonged period of time in a free-love sort of culture? That was the idea behind Daughter of the Moon, my two-book series. Or, what if there was a sadistic planetary ruler who was into the sex-slave trade, and an undercover cop was set up to get him, but the cop's ex-girlfriend was abducted by the sadist? That was the plot for Laricon's Ways. The characters I created for these books, Sonata and Mikhail, and Michael and Nina, respectively, had personalities that lent themselves to adventures that filled in the how, what, when and why of these stories. The trick is to make sure they don't overwhelm each other.

SIZZLER EDITIONS: How and when do you write?

PATRICIA GREEN: I am a full-time writer, so I write five or six days a week. I tend to do promotions and writing-related reading in the mornings and then spend the entire afternoon writing. I try to quit by six o'clock every night so that I have time for my family.

SIZZLER EDITIONS: What do you like most about being an author?
PATRICIA GREEN: I love creating compelling characters. It's great fun to give them goals, dreams, foibles and history. Each of them is a story within a story. Remember those imaginary friends you had as a child? I still have them in the form of my characters.

SIZZLER EDITIONS: What is your advice to beginning writers?
PATRICIA GREEN: Be persistent, and don't let promotions get in the way of writing. It's easy to get caught up in twitter, Facebook, Google+ and your own blog before you really have anything to sell. Each of those things takes time away from writing your book(s). They are the gift-wrapping; you need the gift first. I recently read an article by Bob Mayer in which he suggested that new authors write three books right away. The key part of this advice is that you need to write, write, write, and don't get hung up in all the other stuff before you've nailed down your product.

SIZZLER EDITIONS: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

PATRICIA GREEN: Teach your children to read and give books to your close friends and family. People are so bound up with TV and movies these days that they can miss the excitement of adding their own value to a written story. When you share a book, from reading Harry Potter to your kids, to gifting an erotic Kindle story to your spouse or your best friend, you are giving a little escape and the pleasure of discovering their imagination again. Read more. Share what you read. To share my books, you can start by going to my website: . There, you will find all my REB books, with excerpts and links, and a few more little tidbits.

SIZZLER EDITIONS: What can your readers look forward to from you in the future?

PATRICIA GREEN: My interest remains on erotic romance. I believe that sex can happen in the context of good guys winning and bad guys losing and the heros and the heroines having a happily ever after. This kind of story is wholesome and never becomes tired. Readers find reliable stories in my writing, and I write things I think have a good message. It's a win-win situation.
I am at the tail end of writing an erotic, BDSM, polygynous series. This is based on three characters I devised more than a few years ago. They fascinated me, and I wrote a great many short stories about them, but never put all their adventures in a book. The short stories are being compiled into an anthology, and a novelization of one of their adventures is in the editing stage. Although the relationship is M/f/f, it is a romantic love story with a satisfying happy ending for each segment. I'm also working on erotic and romantic spanking stories these days. I don't know exactly where that came from, but it's driving my imagination. The entire Domestic Discipline movement fascinates me. How do these people think? What makes them tick? How is spanking erotic? What if…? So, I'm exploring spanking stories, some in a BDSM context, some in otherwise normal circumstances. In many ways, spanking stories are wholesome because there is such a direct correlation between bad behavior and uncomfortable consequences. They have titillation value while also having a moral.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Out Now: Bondage By The Bay Tales Of BDSM In San Francisco Edited By M. Christian

Everyone knows that San Francisco is a hip, happening and totally wild city but it's also know for being one of the wildest and kinkiest cities on the planet!  And, here in a brand new anthology edited by M.Christian, is Bondage By The Bay Tales Of BDSM In San Francisco: a book of tales of outrageous BDSM sexuality - told as only masters of erotica can!

One of the kinkiest cities in the world, San Francisco is home to BDSM night clubs, dungeons where very intimate parties are held every weekend, shops that sell every form of bondage instrument from whips to chains and beyond - and a myrid ways for meeting and loving like-minded people. Without a doubt, the city some have dubbed Bagdad by the Bay, is a city of kinksters (straight or gay, bi or trans, or perhaps all four) out for all kinds of delicious erotic adventures. In this one-of-a-kind anthology by master erotic writer and editor M.Christian some of the top erotica writers working today share their experiences and fantasies of BDSM in SF. From loving relationships between masters and slaves to pain sluts in the city's clandestinedungeons, this book has something for everyone!  With stories from  Xan West, Karen Taylor, Jude Maso,  Ralph Greco, Jr., Jerry Rosen, Shashauna P. Thomas, Jessica Lennox, Jan Vander Laenen, M. J. Rennie, Thomma Finland, Mykola Dementiuk, Sharazade, Wade Heaton, and Blake C. Aarens.

Out Now: Non-Negotiable By Renata Barber

Here's a treat and a treasure for all fans of erotic romance: Non-Negotiable by Renata Barber

A erotic romance like no other!  Elizabeth Lowell had everything figured out; an Ivy League education, a job at one of the top investment firms on Wall Street and the opportunity to catapult her onwards to a higher position. At least that was the way events were supposed unfold. But, when she outbids Jared Bentley, ‘the Beast of Wall Street’, and wins a precious heirloom at an exclusive auction house, her finely tuned plans take a turn for the worse. Fired unexpectedly, Elizabeth soon finds herself unemployed with no other alternative than to accept an offer from Jared Bentley as his ‘proposed mistress’ and PR assistant. But, soon Elizabeth discovers there’s more than meets the eye to the man they call the ‘Beast’ and the power he actually yields at Bentley Industries, the company he co-founded with his brother, Sterling. A previously failed marriage has taken its toll on his affairs, finance and distorted his public image as a ruthless man with heart that will never be touched…or so it seems. But, can a man who has everything materially actually put a price tag on the nature of true love and get away with it? Will Jared let down his defenses long enough for Elizabeth to help him regain his sense of trust and stature in the financial community and make him loveable, once again? A dynamic and memorable read l full of striking characters, intrigue, romance, and sexuality!

Out Now: Branded Hearts By Shay Maclean

If you like erotic and female dominant romances - and we know you do - then you must check out this brand new sexual treasure by Shay Maclean: Branded Hearts

Thrilling romance - and female domination! Margarit St. James has her heart set on running the Action Adventure Division of her family's virtual publishing company, but when her father refuses and gives her the Branded Division instead she's furious. She's never had any luck with romance in her personal life, how can she manage a division that specializes in it? Even worse--her Vice President of Operations, turns out to be the man of her dreams, but his personal issues kept them from exploring what could have been. Now, it's her past getting in the way. Alex Barrett is livid when he learns he's been demoted to VP, that is until he sees who's taken over. Margarit has haunted his dreams ever since the fateful night he'd pushed her away. He’s learned that you can heal your emotional scars enough to love again. Feeling that providence has given him a second chance with Maggie, he decides to show her how to heal emotionally and learn to trust others with her safety, but will she be able to accept the woman who holds the other half of his heart too? Jasmyn Carrara has always known she didn't possess all of Alex's heart. When she finds out the new boss at work is the one that holds the other half she'll stop at nothing to ensure that Maggie heals and becomes a part of their life - permanently.

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Q and A with Sizzler Author Stephanie Burke

Jean Marie Stine spoke recently with the talented and multi-published author Stephanie Burke, who in the earlier days of the company was one of our starring authors.

Sizzler Editions: Why do you write the type of book you are best known for?
Stephanie Burke: I cross a lot of genres to make my muse happy. I write everything from hard sci-fi horror to homoerotic paranormal fantasy and there always seems to be a bit of humor to break the tension when it gets too bad. I guess that is because no matter how bad life gets, there is always an end to the madness. Now that is not to say that my horror novel isn’t really horrifying or that my scenes of romantic and sexual excess won’t leave you panting in heat and reaching for the closest warm body or toy to relieve tension. But that after everything is said and done, and I mean everything, my characters may look back on the wreck of their rooms or the sated mess their bodies have become and chuckle because the earth moved...and then maybe the earth will really move as an earthquake takes them to an underground city of ant mutants that are plotting to occupy the earth! With me, you never really can tell. But you can be assured that whatever ride you take with me in one of the worlds I create, at the end you will return to reality emotionally drained, experienced in ways you never thought, more sated than you ever have been in your life... at lest that is my goal. And, I guess a hint of the comedy bug finds its way into whatever I am writing.

Sizzler Editions: Where do you get your ideas?
Stephanie Burke: I can honestly say that I have no idea. Story ideas are sometimes a challenge from my readers or friends, sometimes an issue that I feel needs to be addressed catches my eye, and sometimes they are dreams that demand to be written. Story ideas can come from anywhere with me; which is why I never leave the house without a pen and some paper. You have to get those plot bunnies herded on paper before they run away. But I think my very best story ideas come from my dreams. Sometimes its like a movie in my head at night and it depresses me to open my eyes and deal with the real world. But if I can get them on paper, get my characters behaving properly for me, and get my worlds just so I can visit them again and again.

Sizzler Editions: How and when do you write?
Stephanie Burke: I write all the time. I wake up in the middle of the night and have to get a story down. I sleep with my lap top by my bed just in case. I write several times during the day. When someone else is driving me around, when I am cooking lunch or dinner, when there is cleaning to be done...especially when there is cleaning to be done! I live by the adage ‘writers write’. There are sometimes when writing abandons me and leaves me scratching in the corner like a crack head wanting my next fix of words, but those times pass and then m obsession...I mean my job takes over once more. Lately I have been trying to keep to a two hour on one hour off schedule of writing, and sometimes that works. And sometimes I am the one up at two in the am just writing one more scene.

Sizzler Editions: What do you like most about being an author?
Stephanie Burke: What do I like most about being an author. Now that is a hard one to answer. I could say royalty checks, because no matter how much I love what I do, this is still a full time job on top of rearing a family and keeping my relationship and friendships stable. And I love paying bills... I have to. The credit companies know who I am. And I love research. You should see the tons of research that goes on when completing even a novella. It is fascinating, like solving a mystery only to be left with more questions that will need answers that only I can find. And then there is the creative outlet. Being a writer lets me take all sorts of liberties with myth and legend, with creating my own world and the people who for good or ill, terrorize each other and the places that I put them. But I have to say I really like going out and meeting people who enjoy my stories. Its like having a group of friends sitting where you can share something that has become a personal part of you and have them understand you.

Each story is like a baby and believe me the birth pains are rough. You spend countless hours thinking about your book-baby, building it up, adding the elements it needs to survive, nurturing it and loving it to within an inch of your life. And then you toss it out into the world for people to tear apart, to criticize, and hopefully to like enough to take home with them where you pray that they will love it enough to keep it around. So it is these people who I love to meet, the people who adopt my babies and nurture them and cherish them as much as I do. And if I am lucky, they will demand some little brother and sister stories as well. You know you’ve done well when people don’t want to let your worlds or your characters go. And I love meeting those people, whether they want to tell me I did a good job or want to tear me a new one because of something I missed. I couldn’t be an author without people to read and like my stories. Writer, yeah cause I will always write. Author when people want you to continue to write. And that is a heady feeling.

Sizzler Editions: What is your advice to beginning writers?
Stephanie Burke: Beginning writers! Turn back! Abandon all hope, ye who enters here! Just kidding! The best advice I can give to new writers is to keep writing! When you finish a book and are riding the high of typing those fateful words ‘the end’, use that momentum and start writing something else. If you get a rejection letter, process it, pick it apart for any advice you were given, and write something else! When you sell a book, get a contract, get an agent or an editor appointment, writing something! Writing is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets! Never stop writing!

And remember, when you sell a book, you are not Stephen King! There is no place for ego in the writing world. Too much ego will get you in trouble just as fast as plagiarizing someone else’s work. Lets face it, a writer’s career is based on reputation. People recommend writers who they feel are good at their craft to other people. And they tell two friends and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on. So let it be something positive that gets passed around. A bad reputation is hard to overcome, so do not give yourself the trauma. Never speak ill of another writer or his/her work in public forums. Never trash anyone. If you get rejected, don’t take it personal and blast the publisher who dared turn you down. Your behavior can affect how your career goes, so try for a good long career by using tact and thinking before you speak. And remember to have fun! If you like what you are writing, then it will show in the finished project and others will like it too. Oh, and be yourself! Especially in public...It’s too hard to be someone else and you’ve had the most practice being you.

Sizzler Editions: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Stephanie Burke: Hello fans! Please continue to buy my books and help me pay my bills. Otherwise I will have to get a nine to five and that will probably lead me to drinking and trash talking female Lucha Libre wrestlers...which will lead me to getting my butt kicked in ways most painful! You don’t want that, the wrestlers don’t want that, and believe I don’t want that. So please save me from pain and buy my books. If you bought one, buy another! They are portable and rarely leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. So please buy my books. I’m an old skinny woman who would look horrible in wrestling silks...or bandages! LOL! And be honest, tell me what you like, what you didn’t like, what you outright hated, and what you would like to see more of. Trust me after I cry and go on a bender to help me process, I will appreciate what you have to say and will make changes. As a writer, we never stop learning. We can’t. And we won’t know what or how to change if you don’t help us. Besides, I like the fan mail. It counters bad reviews, not that I get many – cough-cough -- and it gives encouragement to write more.

So thank you for supporting my family and me and I will endeavor to do everything to uphold the writer reader contract. And what is that contract? I am glad you asked. I will humbly do my best to keep you entertained, to help you suspend disbelief and enter a world of pure imagination for the time it takes you to read my book and hopefully beyond. I will try to give you characters that you will love enough to take shoe shopping with you, or do housework with, or just have them hang around in your head and have you welcome them there. I will do my best to engage each of your senses, I get bonus points for finding any fifth or sixth sense, and touch on your every emotions...with my writing of course. I will make it my goal to give you new and interesting characters, enthralling plots and situations, to thoroughly amuse you until my characters and I before a fixed point of joy and enchantment in your life. And in return, you (the reader) will keep an open mind, will be prepared to be shocked and amazed in a good way, and will sit back, relax, and let me attempt to blow your mind.
See? Some contracts are fun!

Sizzler Editions: What can your readers look forward to from you in the future?
Stephanie Burke: I hope in the future I will be able to be a positive in the Sizzler Editions family. I hope to create many dynasties here with my characters. I hope to find new ways to scare my editors and engage my readers. I hope to appear in a few series and write some good old fashioned fun novellas as well. I would like to see you my books or face the wrath of the killer bunnies...I mean, I hope you all find something to like in my writing style and personality. Sizzler Editions was my first real publisher years ago under the late David Dyer and this is where I got my first start. I am happy to help add to the legacy of what he started and grateful beyond words that I have a chance and a new publisher to keep me pulling my hair out over plot lines and character development. And I hope to make friends with the many talented writers already here. Writers write, you know. And it is positively beautiful to have such a wonderful place to ply my craft.

Sizzler Editions Interviews M/M Author Kiernan Kelly

We spoke with successful Gay Male Romance author Kiernan Kelly about her brand of erotic romance recently.

Why do you write the type of book you are best known for? Well, if you listen to Sascha Illyvich, it’s because I have penis envy. LOL Truthfully, there are several reasons why I write erotic gay romance. First and foremost, I find the dynamics of a gay relationship to be intriguing. I love the way men think and react, and exploring their emotional depths is a never-ending fascination for me. Oh, yeah, and I wholeheartedly and unabashedly consider men hot.

Where do you get your ideas? Everywhere. The headlines, the grocery store, the pizza parlor...everywhere I look, there’s another idea jumping out at me. Sometimes I need to beat them off. Well, not “beat them off” literally...I tend to leave that to the characters in my books.

How and when do you write? All the freaking time. I start when I get up, and usually only stop for food and potty breaks as necessary. In other words, yeah...I have no life.

What do you like most about being an author? Telling the story and improving my craft. Knowing that I’m just a little bit better, my writing is a little bit tighter with every story I tell gives me a terrific sense of accomplishment.

What is your advice to beginning writers. You can’t please everybody. Grow a thick skin – you’ll need it when the reviews start coming in and you come to realize that your writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let’s face it – there are literally thousands of books you could have chosen to spend your hard-earned money on. That you chose mine, and continue to choose mine, means the world to me.

What can your readers look forward to from you in the future? Probably more of the same. LOL I’m currently working on a pirate novel in all its swashbuckling, poet-shirt-and-tight-breeches-wearing glory. I’ve also started another serial killer novel, and a story with a character named “Bubba” who runs an all night diner and bait shop. I have no idea where that story’s going, but it’ll be fun getting there.

Buy Kiernan Kelly's books at Sizzler Editions

Find Kiernan Kelly Online. Don't forget that she'll be making an appearance at DragonCON 2011 as a panelist along with Sascha Illyvich et al.

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Q & A with Sizzling New Cover Artist

Sami Hursey, new Gothgirl on the block, loves to create cover art for Sizzler Editions, as well as future Pageturner Editions and Deerstalker Editions. We love her and her work! Welcome, Sami, and what do you have to say?

Sizz. Ed.:What initially inspired you to erotic art? 
Sami: To be honest I never thought about it until I met Wade Heaton, a kinky older gentleman who told me about his sexy way of life. He inspired me to re connect with my design side and do something different. Now I wouldn't have it any other way.  
Sizz. Ed.:Where do you get your ideas? 
Sami: The Music I listen to breeds ideas in my mind, and helps me flush out all of my good ideas onto paper. If I didn't have an ipod I wouldn't have the creativity and drive I do today. 
Sizz. ED.: How and when do you paint/create the cover art? 
Sami: Mainly I use Photoshop and Corel Painter at odd hours of the night. I consider myself a night person and get my best work done while sitting in complete darkness with headphones attached to my ears. 
Sizz. Ed.: What do you like most about being an artist of erotic images?
Sami: I just love the kinky nature of it all. Playful, Sexy and something different. A needed challenge and a great way to open your mind about different methods of creating a journey. 
Sizz. Ed.: What is your advice to beginning artists? Just get out there and do anything you can, network and keep doing it. 
Sami: What can fans of your work look forward to from you in the future? They can expect more detail and sexier covers. More steam, more passion and bring on the KINK! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out Now: Mastered By The Hired Man By Melissa Harlow

Here's a sexy, steamy, wild ride like no other erotic novel out there: with Mastered By The Hired Man you'll see why Melissa Harlow is considered a true master of sexy storytelling.

Lenore wanted more and she found it in the dominating power of her hired man!  Lenore’s marriage began under bizarre circumstances when she was only eighteen years old. Threesomes and late night trips to the stable, where Master James made use of a deliciously wicked riding crop, their sex life was anything but dull. After twenty years of marriage things are suddenly changing. James grows ill and must hire two men to help on the ranch. Lenore tries to fight an immediate attraction to one of them but James sees the things that Lenore has written in her journal about the hired man, Carlos, and their marriage is about to get a whole lot more unusual. James Acheson seems to take such great pleasure in humiliating his wife and while that troubles the hired man, Carlos, he’s in no position to say no to James’ requests. As things begin to escalate, Carlos fears that he has become even more depraved than Master James, because while he knows that he is in love with Lenore Acheson, he won’t be truly satisfied until he has finally mastered her. If you are looking for hot, steamy, and best-of-all wild BDSM erotica then look no further that Melissa's Harlow's brand-new kinky masterpiece of power, control and romance on the ranch.

Out Now: Better Than The Real Thing - More Technorotica By M. Christian

Two great things even better together: sex and technology!  With Better Than The Real Thing - More Technorotica you'll see why M.Christian has been called a true master of erotica with an imagination, and a flair for the outrageous, that few can match!

Two great things even better together: technology and sex!  Welcome to Better Than The Real Thing: More Technorotica - a pocket-sized collection of some of machine-obsessive erotica.  In these gloriously digital pages you'll find everything from sexy robots to virtual reality lovers, from shameless science fiction to contemporary explorations of technological impact on our sex lives and our sexuality. And they are all event better than the real thing. Or are they?  Decide for yourself. 

Charge up your own meat-machine processor for a wild and sparking ride into new frontiers of sexuality. In "State" a prostitute who is trained to behave like an expensive robot designed for sex; in "Hackwork" a high-tech form of possession allows a woman to hire her body out for sexual pleasure to clients that will feel her every sensation remotely; and many more outrageous and kinky stories! Pick up even Better Than The Real Thing: More Technorotica and you'll have your erotic world changed in all kinds of hot and interesting ways!  

"M. Christian is one hell of a writer. He paints his universes and characters in full, living color, thrills the reader with non-stop action. A no-holds-barred storyteller, he embraces his reader at the start and doesn't let go until long after the end." - Mari Adkins

Out Now: The Sexy Syrixians [Star Sex: The Original Crew] by Wade Heaton

Wade Heaton is not just a kick-as writer but he's a kick-ass write like no other, and with his brand new book, The Sexy Syrixians, he shows his chops and then some with a tale of (ahem) familiar star 'treks' mixed with some juicy and wild sex!

It was potentially one of the hottest, and soon to be sexiest, flash points in the history of the Galactic Concordance. For the first time ever, Remusians, Parnassians, and Spargons were meeting under a flag of truce on board the giant starship Endurance, for the first ever Inter-Galactic Trade Fair. But someone has stacked the deck and invited a bevy of the oh-so-sexy Syrixians, the sexiest women in the galaxy, only one race can resist their overpowering pheromones which send most men, and women, into a state of intense lust.  Typically Syrixian women are met by teams who huddle inside protective suits and tents to protect them from the aphrodisiacal effects of the pheromones. One slip, one rip, one untoward incident or untoward arousal, and the entire peace movement could be destroyed. Clearly someone is up to something, but who and what? Can valiant Captain Alan and his brainy first officer Spa'rak keep a lid on things and preserve galactic peace? Or will they and such crew members as Lt. Randee, Nurse Leigh, Dr. "Skulls" Leonard, Lts. Tachi, and Zulura, not to mention guest-relations officer Roger L. Tedron be treacherously infected with the irresistible pheromones, along with all the delegates to the Trade Fair, leading to diplomatic catastrophe, STDs (Spatially Transmitted Diseases), and perhaps all-out galactic war? Cover art: Sami

Out Now: Lust in Havana by Michele Larue

Hot Havana days and even hotter Havana nights in this steamy treat by the excellent Michele Larue: Lust in Havana
A very carnal Frenchwoman's uninhibited sexual encounters in Cuba!

Out Now: His Fifteenth Victim By Betty Carlton

Here's an erotic noir treat like no other: a hot and steamy but also thrilling and exciting book by our resident expect in all things erotic and dangerous, Betty Carlton: His Fifteenth Victim

Brad an assassin who decides at the last minute his latest victim doesn't deserve to die. Instead he will take her prisoner until he is able to sort out what the truth is surrounding her. Once convinced something is wrong, he goes in to a protective mode. He will be demanding and arduous with his methods of domination. The depth of his physical response to her submission sets Brad on a mission to keep her for himself. Unknowingly he has fallen in love with her. An unforeseen traffic accident leaves Brad in a coma and frees her from him grasp. Sandra now with amnesia will rebuilt her life without him, but not without the child she carries. The fates, however, are no finished with Brad. After a number of weeks Brad finally wins the battle and pulls out of the coma's grip. It takes many reconstructive facial surgeries and months of rehab before he re-enters the world with only one goal; to find Sandra. He is well aware she is still in harms way from his original employers. Cover: Suzannah Safi

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

QandA with "Ello" - Sizzler Editions Cover Artist

Ello has been producing memorable cover art for Sizzler Editions for most of a decade. In that time, he has created over 200 striking cover images which have graced the Sizzler Editions website and ebooks. Some are displayed with this interview.

Sizzler Editions: What initially inspired you to do bondage and discipline oriented art?

Ello: I'm not really sure. It's just been there, and explaining one's own motivation isn't entirely easy. I suppose it must come from some deep well in my personality. And I found that it's saleable, which was no small matter for any artist. And it probably appeals to me partly just because it's still something of social taboo, and artists can often explore taboos better than many others can.

Sizzler Editions: Where do you get your ideas?

Ello: From everywhere. I've even seen newspaper photos that just jumped off the page to me, for example showing me a couple standing together that had a composition I hadn't seen before - I've tacked those to a corkboard on the wall behind my desk to keep the image fresh in my mind as I compose my own. Sometimes a smile on a model for a chain store ad circular catches my eye. Sometimes, more often lately, I've found some ideas in playing around in Second Life, learning how the D/s and BDSM communities express themselves there.

Sizzler Editions: How and when do you painbt/create the cover art?

Ello: I use a version of Painter, a software program I've used since buying an early version several years ago. Lately, I've used version 6, which gives me all I need. I try to work on several pieces at a time, to keep a pipeline open to my creative side, and to give me several chances to go back and put a little more effort into each one after getting a series of chances to decide how far along it is and what I should do next with it.

Sizzler Editions: What do you like most about being an artist of erotic images?

Ello: Getting a piece to the point where I can say, ahhhh, now, it's ready. That might take hours, spread over a couple weeks or more, so progress along the way is great. But there's nothing like the feeling that a piece is done, and it's time to see which piece to polish next.

Sizzler Editions: What is your advice to beginning artists?
Ello: Keep at it. Period. Nothing helps our art so much as just doing it 

Sizzler Editions: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Ello: Thanks! Gracias! Danke! In whatever language, many thanks for liking my art. 

Sizzler Editions: What can fans of your work look forward to from you in the future? 

Ello: Why, more covers for Renaissance, of course.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Out Now: Tales Of Unexpected Pleasure By Powerone

There is simply no one better at writing cutting-edge BDSM erotica than our own best selling PowerOne - and he proves just how hot and wild he can be in this brand new book: Tales Of Unexpected Pleasure
From Powerone, the award-winning author of “Tales of Bondage and Submission,” comes Powerone’s second collection of stories, “Tales of Unexpected Pleasure.” Here are three exciting bondage novellas of women experiencing pleasure in the least likely of circumstances.  Some were drawn into these circumstances through the doing of others, some through of their own doing. All found themselves performing sexual acts that they never would have imagined, let alone engaged in, yet each experienced unexpected pleasure beyond their comprehension.  Was it the act of submission that drove their pleasure?  Did each have a deep-seated desire to perform acts that society would have frowned upon, but discovered they felt no guilt when forced to perform those acts? “Out of Debt,” Bill and Amy took a car loan from a loan shark.  Unable to pay, Amy has to pay with the only collateral left, her body, as her husband watches. “Jailed:  Getting Them Off for Good Behavior,” Sandy finds out about justice in a small, remote town.  She is forced to choose her freedom or thirty days in a filthy cell.  The title tells it all. “The Price of Education,” She needed an A but didn’t want to put in the work to get it.  Kelly thought she could control her professor with her sensuous body, but he had other plans.  He had her pick her grade, A, B or C, each one requiring her to perform a sexual act beginning with the letter.  Kelly progressed from a C to a B finally to an A. You won’t be able to put down “Tales of Unexpected Pleasure” until you finish the last page.  

There is simply no one better at writing sizzling BDSM erotica than our resident master of the genre: Powerone!  And with this, his newest treasury of dominance and submission, you will see why.  In TALES OF UNEXPECTED PLEASURE he gives us three novella-length tales of power, control and sexuality.  If you like your BDSM full of the things that PowerOne does so well (sex, sexuality and boundless eroticism) then you will enjoy the tales in “Tales of Unexpected Pleasure.”

Out Now: Bound For Romance Edited By Sascha Illyvich

Here's a treat for BDSM romance fans: a wonderful new anthology of some of the best erotica writers in the business - and edited by our master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich: Bound For Romance

Though some people shudder at the thought of any relationship between bdsm and love, people have always acknowledged the intimate connection between romance and bondage. Terms like "tying the knot," "the chains of love," "love's bondage," and "p---y whipped," among hundreds of others signify our conscious cultural awareness of this connection. What could be more romantic than the willing, conscious surrender of heart and body by a  "bottom" to a "top." In this Here's an all new collection of romantic, erotic novellas of bondage and domination by four celebrated masters of the form, who pool their considerable talents to produce a truly memorable reading experience!  Em Petrova's "Alice's Wonderland" is a hotter-than-hot tale of sexual awakening; Sarah Bella's "Love Was Dirty Words" shows us that sex and love can be two great things even better when they are together; Michael Mandrake's "Binding Justice" is a tale of romance and erotica like no other, and Clarice Clique's "The Snow Queen" is a fairy tale of sex and domination and love that will stay with you for a long, long time! Sascha Illyvich's last romantic anthology, My Sexy Valentine, was a "recommended read" at Romancing the Book, received a "5 Cup" rating at Coffee and Romance, a "thumbs up" at Pen Muse, was called a "spicy read" at Sizzling Hot Books, and Man Oh Man said it was full of "unexpectedsurprises." Don't miss his newest anthology of eros and loving bondage.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Betty Carlton is a relatively new writer. Betty lives with her husband and their faithful beagle. She has written two novels for Sizzler Editions, Mine Alone and its sequel, The Kincaid Way. She writes what she calls "a different type of romance story, which has been referred to as dark and irresistible, but always a Happy Ending." Bondage and romance are twin themes in her work. To repay the all the help and advice she received from other writers along the way Betty has started a blog called where she showcases other authors and the new pieces they are working on.

Interviewed about herself and her writing recently for the Sizzler Editions blog, she had this to say:

Sizzler Editions:
Why do you write the type of book you are best known for?
Betty Carlton: Who doesn't like reading about the big strong alpha male? The take charge, "me man-you woman," man. I think it's great fun.I also believe a romantic story can be more than boy meets girl and they make happy. Nothing wrong with a little anguish along the way.

Sizzler Editions:
Where do you get your ideas?
Betty Carlton: The ideas for my stories just seem to pop into my head. Little scenes actually, and they keep popping in and adding little more bits until I can put them on paper.

Sizzler Editions: How and when do you write?
Betty Carlton: Once the little pieces of ideas give me a starting point I will connect them together. I plot as I go along so what happens in between the beginning and the end is a surprise for me too. I spend most days in front of my computer some times writing, some times marketing. and some times goofing off. My writing is most productive when I am home alone.

Sizzler Editions: What do you like most about being an author?
Betty Carlton: There is no way to explain how wonderful it feels when you learn someone you never knew likes what you wrote. I am also amazed at how fast you can learn to make your writing stronger, tighter, and cleaner. It always feels good to learn.

Sizzler Editions:
What is your advice to beginning writers.
Betty Carlton: Read, read, read. Write, write, write. That said, there is not an author out there that when reading their first works doesn't cringe. Enjoy the ride and write. You will know you are getting better each time.

Sizzler Editions: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Betty Carlton: Fans? I have fans? Gosh yes. Thank you for reading and liking my work. Thank you for letting me smile when someone snickers and calls what I do a hobby. If it is a hobby is a satisfying one.

Sizzler Editions: What can your readers look forward to from you in the future.
Betty Carlton: I have been milling over a couple of pieces. One is a story about a woman abducted to be trained for the enjoyment of one special man. Except her trainer decides not to honor the arrangement as agreed. He wants her for himself. There will be trouble for the woman is making her own plans for escape.

Sizzler Editions will be publishing Betty Carlton's newest novel of romantic bondage, His Fifteenth Victim, very soon.

Friday, July 8, 2011


We hope to make this blog more active soon - with more staff and author written contributions.

Free short stories. Sample chapters. Author Q&A's. Previews of forthcoming books.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Out Now: Soulmate, Husband And Master By David Jewell

There is simply no one better at BDSM erotica than David Jewell and with his new book - Soulmate, Husband And Master - you'll see why!

There is simply no one better that BDSM erotica than the one-and-only David Jewell and his newest book, SOULMATE, HUSBAND AND MASTER, shows that he not only knows how to write a powerfully erotic book but also knows the dark allure of domination and submission!  Detective Brad Steele solved a case involving the death of his partner, who was investigating a sex and bondage ring that catered to the perverse needs of the rich, powerful and famous of Southern California.  During that investigation, he used Angie, an exotic dancer, to help infiltrate the ring and almost got her killed. After the trial, he fell in love with Angie and married her. Five years later, he finds himself restless.  He considers the client list he has kept and the opportunity to offer upscale services to the ring's former clients. With Angie’s full agreement, he starts BDSM: a program he calls Behavioral Deviance, Sensory Maturation. Shortly, they are servicing the needs of the ring's former clients as master and mistress along with a select staff of submissives. Master Brad and Mistress Angela’s business in the Cayman Islands is growing faster than they expected.  They are working harder than they had planned and their staff is being stretched to its limits.  It is time for a new business plan. This is David Jewell at his erotic best, hot, steamy page turner that will leave you breathless and more.  The bondate action is non-stop and filled with surprises.  If you are a David Jewell fan this new book in the  Behavioral Deviance, Sensory Maturation series is a must read.

Out Now: The Red Mother: Fantastic Erotica By Zachary Jean

Here's a real treat for fans of well-written and extremely-stimulating erotic fiction: The Red Mother by Zachary Jean is not just a fine erotic tale but a wonderful peak into the exotic work of Armenia.

Here is a wonderful erotic treat, a book that probes the erotic soul of the little-known culture of Armenia. Welcome to a land where the fantastic and the real intermingle, often when a woman and a man meet. The first section, Hunger Before Time, describes a very sexy moment from the mythology of the region.  Part two chronicles a man's encounter with the Turkish night demon Al Basti, or Al Kardai, an ancient, predatory female spirit known as the Red Mother, found in folklore throughout the Caucasus mountains. The last section is set in modern Armenia. The author says, "I do not claim these stories to be wholly accurate representations of the Armenian psyche, since I am no sociologist.  Instead I present a slim window of what I know, set firmly in the mid-1990s.  Things change, often for the better.  There is a growing gay culture in Armenia (those who are curious should follow:, a fascinating blog) and while the Sexual Revolution has yet to sweep the patriarchy away, things are improving, slowly." Zachary Jean's book, The Red Mother, is a revealing and sensual look at the world of sex in Armenia: a rollicking adventure of lusty men and women set in an exotic and mysterious land.  If you like your erotica packed with charged power-dynamics in a mysterious and fascinating land then this is the book for you!