Monday, June 13, 2011

Out Now: The Perfect Seasoning By Michaela Crowe

Michaela Crowe knows how to spin a delightful hot tale and this brand new book, The Perfect Seasoning, is a perfect example.  Pick it up for a wildly kinky ride!

"This story involves a gorgeous genderqueer who meets her dream girl. And, yes, they do live happily ever after. It contains a recalled male/female sexual encounter, a couple of explicit genderqueer/straight girl sex scenes, and a lot of sexual and emotional tension. The author writes: "While there is a lot of respectful, loving  f/f, m/m/, and m/f erotica, there is hardly anything out there for genderqueers or the people interested in them. No, really. Much of it is pretty degrading or exploitative from the porn I have watched and stories I have read. To be honest, I wrote this story to satisfy my own sexual curiosity because I only want to see mutually enjoyable sexual relations."

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