Monday, June 20, 2011

Out Now: Wetting The Appetite By Blake C. Aarens

There is simply no one better than  Blake C. Aarens and with her premier - and wildly anticipated - collection, Wetting The Appetite, you'll see why!  These stories will not only turn you on but they will literally light up your life with their brilliance.  Highly recommended!

"Stories so imaginative and playfully perverse as to shock even the most jaded, she shows her staggering ability to arouse, amaze, and astound." —M.Christian, author Dirty Words.
Wetting the Appetite showcases the much-anthologized and celebrated erotic fiction of Blake C. Aarens. It includes everything from her first piece of erotica "Strangers on a Train," to "Let it Rain" which appeared in the March 1996 issue of Penthouse, to newer pieces like "Very Secret Service" about a fictional tryst between a certain Secretary of State and one of her detail of protective agents. Wetting the Appetite is a literate sexual smorgasbord, with something for everyone between its pages. Anonymous straight sex bumps up against the first encounter between two men who will invariably become lovers, while dykes on bikes give way to a graphic fantasy of star fucking. This book is filled with sticky stories that chronicle the wide range of sexual passions and attempts to feed the hunger of the human animal for variety--even if that means a vampire or a truly alien extraterrestrial. This is a book to read alone, or read out loud, a book to enrich your fantasy life and fuel your fingers beneath the sheets.
"Blake Aarens is a masterful erotic fiction writer — but she's also a terrific fiction writer, period. She renders characters and voice in an utterly believable and gripping way. You really are there with her characters, experiencing their thrills, their lonely moments, their hot spots, their comedy, their joy. From the first line of every story, you're right there, ready to go along for the ride. I'm thrilled that Blake's collected work is finally all in one place. This book is long over-due." —Gina de Vries, co-editor Becoming: Young Ideas On Gender, Identity, and Sexuality.
"Blake C. Aarens' erotic storytelling has more facets than a diamond.   [She] sees desire where not all of us would think to find it." —Carol Queen, author The Leather Daddy and the Femme.

Blake C. Aarens is an author, playwright, poet, screenwriter, and former college theatre instructor. She earned her B.A. in Rhetoric (Creative Writing) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Playwriting) from Saint Mary’s College. Her work has appeared in Penthouse Magazine, the Herotica series, Open Wide, Best Lesbian Erotica, Aché: A Journal for Lesbians of African Descent, Switch Hitters, Best American Erotica 1993, Virgin Territory, and numerous other publications.

Out Now: Tantalizing Tootsies By J. Troy Seate

If you like erotic foot stories then this is the book for you!   J. Troy Seate is not just one of our best authors but he knows what sexual buttons to push and what turns on people you like Tantalizing Tootsies!

Here's a toe-tapping treat for foot lovers everywhere!  J. Troy Seate has already show himself to be a master of BDSM erotica and now he shows off his foot fetish skills in this wild series of hotter-than-hot erotica.  If you find tantalizing tootsies fascinating then this is the book for you!

Out Now: San Francisco Lovin' - Sexual Encounters In The City Of The Golden Gate By Olivia London

Here is a book that practically defines excellent erotica!  Olivia London not only understands what pushes people's sexual and erotic buttons but she is also a real master at using that to tell a moving and beautiful story!  Pick up San Francisco Lovin' - Sexual Encounters In The City Of The Golden Gate and you will not be disappointed!

Straight lovers, lesbians, bad girls, threesomes and more are found under the cover - of this ebook! - and under the covers of the beds in this smoking hot collection of erotica selected from the most erotic stories by acclaimed author Olivia London.  "Designs On An Illustrated Man" is all about the erotic allure - and then some - of tattoos, "Fresh Ingredients" is a hot story about the erotic possibilities and sensual power of food, and "The Last Of The Rat Pack" is a gloriously erotic tale of the joys in self pleasure.  If you like it soft and sweet or hard and fast this is a book you will completely enjoy!

Olivia's stories have appeared in Ruthie's Club, For the Girls, Oysters & Chocolate and  She has contributed to numerous anthologies including Lesbian Love 3, The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss, and The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes.

Out Now: Men In Black By Terry R. Vidal

Here's the book for fans of gay erotica: not only is Terry R. Vidal a kick-ass queer erotica write but his new book, Men In Black, is the best of his very best stories!

Gay erotica doesn't get any hotter than this!  Step into the hard and fast world of Terry R. Vidal's erotica and you'll find yourself turned on like you've never been before!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Out Now: I Am A Slave Girl! by Rod Harden

Here's a spicy tale of bondage and discipline by Rod Harden, a master of the genre!  Check out  I Am A Slave Girl to light all kinds of inner fires!

Insightful Novel of Bondage and Submission! Who are you? It's an age old question. But Sharon could answer confidently, "I am a slave girl!" She had found fulfillment in life. How did she discover her body responded to submission? How did she come to accept this part of herself? Who was her first master? It all started one day when Sharon's car broke down...

Out Now: Cougar's Prey [Mrs. Kaufmann And Me, Book 2] by Randall Lang

There are very few things hotter than a MILF, and Randall Lang knows that - and how to write a wonderfully erotic tale about it!  Check out Cougar's Prey for a well-seasoned yet-passionate read!

There is nothing hotter than a hot MILF - and no MILF is hotter than Mrs. Kaufman: sexy, wild, dominating, and fierce.  Discover that for yourself with the second book in this promising new series, one guaranteed to raise your ... interest in all kinds of ways!

Out Now: Grounds For Restraint by K. L Melvany

There's hot erotica and then there's anything written by K. L Melvany - and if you want a wilder than wild ride be sure to check out this brand new work: Grounds For Restraint

Based on a true story! He opened a coffee shop to get laid. Music, poetry and coffee - he thought that would attract the ladies and that as the owner, he might get some. He even moved a couch into the basement and was ready for some action. Or so he believed! But the action he got wasn't what he expected. For his first catch was a lady domme, and she was the one doing the catching! Soon he was tied up and his own basement had become a dungeon. As far as she was concerned, he had given her plenty of grounds for restraint. Then his mistress began to put him through his paces, and the means she used for training only started with a whip.

Out Now: The Perfect Seasoning By Michaela Crowe

Michaela Crowe knows how to spin a delightful hot tale and this brand new book, The Perfect Seasoning, is a perfect example.  Pick it up for a wildly kinky ride!

"This story involves a gorgeous genderqueer who meets her dream girl. And, yes, they do live happily ever after. It contains a recalled male/female sexual encounter, a couple of explicit genderqueer/straight girl sex scenes, and a lot of sexual and emotional tension. The author writes: "While there is a lot of respectful, loving  f/f, m/m/, and m/f erotica, there is hardly anything out there for genderqueers or the people interested in them. No, really. Much of it is pretty degrading or exploitative from the porn I have watched and stories I have read. To be honest, I wrote this story to satisfy my own sexual curiosity because I only want to see mutually enjoyable sexual relations."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Out Now: Filthy Boys: Sizzling Gay Male Erotica By M. Christian

No one - and we mean know one - writes queer erotica like M.Christian: smart, sexy, funny, sexy, weird, sexy, touching, and ... well, SEXY, his newest collection, Filthy Boys: Sizzling Gay Male Erotica will light your gay fires like nothing else can!

"M. Christian's stories are the fairy tales whispered to one another by dark angels whose hearts and mouths are brimming with lust. He goes beyond the pale, ordinary definitions of sexuality and writes about need and desire in their purest forms. Readers daring enough to stray from the safety of the path will find in his images and words a garden of delights to tempt even the most demanding pleasure-seeker." –Michael Thomas Ford, Lambda Award winner

  • "To say this is a great book is an understatement. Filthy transcends its genre of erotica and enters the realm of literature." -Donovan Brown, author My Brotha My Brotha
  • "While Filthy is a wonderful book, and just the thing if you are in the mood for an enjoyable quickie (or twenty)." –Mathilde Madden, author Reflection's Edge
  • "The hottest explosion since the Big Bang." -Ian Philips, author See Dick Deconstruct
  • "If you are looking for sexually-charged fiction that also has heart and intelligence “Filthy” is the collection for you." –Emily Veinglory, author Lovers and Ghosts

Out Now: Business Asset By Tilly Andrews

Here's a real treat for BDSM fans: a brand new masterpiece by our resident master of the genre, Tilly Andrews!  Check out Business Asset and you will not be disappointed!

If you like your BDSM erotica hotter-than-hot, then look no further than this new book of submission and domination by Tilly Andrews!  Sarah and Robert's marriage was spicy, sure, but then he introduced her to the secrets of his club - and her world, and sexuality, was never the same again!

Out now: True Love By David Jewell

No one writes BDSM erotica like David Jewell - and here's his newest, and best yet, tale of submission and domination: True Love 

No one writes BDSM erotica like David Jewell and with his newest work of dominance and submission, True Love, you'll see why as a master searches for a woman who will love him for what he is and for what he does!

Out Now: The Secret Confessions Of A Victorian Gentleman By Lord Johnny Sheridan

Ah, here's a bawdy tale!  If you like your Victorian erotica with a nice spice of BDSM then look no further than The Secret Confessions Of A Victorian Gentleman By Lord Johnny Sheridan!

"This amusing and evocative memoir gives the twenty first century reader a graphic, uncensored picture of upper class life in England during the 1890s, the heyday of the late Victorian era." - Dr. Radley Trenton, from his introduction to THE SECRET CONFESSIONS OF A VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN.  Here is a truly saucy tale - full of wrenches, submission, domination, and a erotic wildness that the Victorians knew so well!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Out Now: Company Girls Book One - Dominating Blondie By Reese Gabriel

Here's a real treat for fans of kick-ass BDSM erotica: a new masterpiece by Reese Gabriel: Company Girls Book One - Dominating Blondie

From the bestselling author of B&D

Out Now: Dark Captives [The Misadventures Of Alex T'kayn, Treasure Hunter] By Tabitha Bradley

If you like your adventure tales with some spicy action (and who doesn't) then look no further than this literal-treasure by our resident expert in sexy thrillers, Tabitha Bradley: Dark Captives [The Misadventures Of Alex T'kayn, Treasure Hunter]

Futuristic sex, bondage, adventure, thrills with the sexiest treasure hunter - ever! The adventures and misadventures continue!

Out Now: Hanging Around By Fulani

Sizzler - always striving to release the best (and hottest) erotica imaginable - are extremely please to announce this brand new work by a star erotica writer: Hanging Around By Fulani

It's two in the morning, and Mariska is dangling from a rope and displaying a lot of flesh to her tormentors. And she giggles. She's been looking for something new in her life, and being a film extra in a low-budget zombie horror movie is certainly new... Twelve stunning chapters follow Mariska’s journey from barista to member of a group of bohemian artists, actors and others. She's inducted into their fetish-oriented lifestyle, and along the way she’s tied, whipped, fisted and more in situations ranging from a film set to a lesbian club to an art exhibition. Oh, and somehow she finds time to write a journal about it. Fulani’s erotic stories, often dark and with BDSM-based themes, have appeared in numerous anthologies and 'zines.