Monday, May 9, 2011

Out Now: Soulmate's Touch By Emma Paul

Here's a wonderful new book by our resident master of fantasy erotic, Emma Paul: Soulmate's Touch.  If you like brilliantly written fantasy and gloriously hot erotica then this is the book for you!

Her quest for love carried her into the arms of - a gargoyle! A a hot new approach to paranormal erotic romance. Romiel is a gargoyle, an offspring of a Demon father and Vampire mother. Cursed by a powerful human wizard, Romiel and all Gargoyles are imprisoned in stone. And only the touch of his true Soulmate can free him. The moment that Joyce touches Romiel, she knows there is a strong bond between them. Although she tries to justify why loving a Gargoyle is wrong, her heart, soul and body refuse to listen. Together she and Romiel face an uncertain future, as evil forces are unleashed on the unsuspecting humans. In the midst of an ancient war, Romiel must unite with an old enemy in order to protect the human race against certain annihilation. As their love for each other grows stronger, Joy and Romiel must face evil head on to save humanity and the Gods themselves.

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