Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out Now: Eightteen - And Desperate By J. W. McKenna

We are thrilled to be able to bring out another fantastic erotic read by our resident master of hotter-than-anything, J. W. McKenna: Eightteen - And Desperate

When orphan Melissa had to move out of her group home when she turned eighteen, she literally had no place to go - until Jerry, the friendly janitor at her high school, offered to let her stay in his spare room for a while. No hanky-panky, he promised and he was as good as his word. But for Melissa, independent as she was, living rent free went against her nature. She tried to find work, but no one was hiring. So she volunteered to pay for her room and board with a little bit of sex. It seemed like such a simple thing - and Jerry was so grateful. Soon she was performing the same service for Jerry's friends. But it wasn't long until the men began to demand more from her. Can she maintain her independence and dignity in the face of temptation?

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