Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out Now: The Captive By T. B. Robertson

Sizzler is thrilled to be able to print you, the discerning erotic reader, a new sexy masterpiece by T. B. Robertson: The Captive

The Captive takes an unflinching look at the horrors experienced by those abducted by modern day pirates and of human trafficking.  Newlyweds Keri and Sebastian Preston while honeymooning in  Micronesia become victims of pirates when their yacht is captured.  First they are separated, and then new bride Keri Preston is sold  to the Director, who directs and produces black market  videos.  The Director forces Keri to perform sex acts in his movies that the films are only sold in third world countries.  As Keri lives out her worst nightmares in front of the camera, she imagines the  sorts of men who will derive pleasure from watching her go through so much pain and degradation. If her captures were merely religious zealots or political  fanatics, she might have been left alone until someone back home paid her ransom. But not every woman abducted aboard is taken because of a difference in  ideology. Some women are taken to be sold into captivity. And some of those  captives are forced to perform in illegal videos.

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