Monday, May 9, 2011

Jean Marie Stine On WriteSex: Developing Your Creative Personality, Part I

Here's a wonderful opportunity to learn about Developing Your Creative Personality from Sizzler's own Publisher, Jean Marie Stine.  In the first part of her series on WriteSex, she provides some great exercises and essential information on boosting your literary imagination.

Here's a teasing taste.  For the rest of her article just click on over to WriteSex.

Clearly, if you are reading this and interested in writing erotica (or just writing) and have ideas about things you would like to write about, you have a creative personality. 

Science has discovered everyone and anyone can be creative. Creativity has nothing to do with IQ. We all have creative elements in our personality.

Psychology has delineated eight characteristics shared by most creative, problem-solving people. Amazingly enough, all these personality traits are cultivable skills anyone can develop.

According to creativity maven Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, former Chair of the University Of Chicago Psychology Department, his research revealed that creative people possess the following paradoxical matchings of traits. 


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