Monday, April 25, 2011

Out Now: Teased, Tied And Tormented By Powerone

Sizzler is thrilled - and then some - by this new release by our resident master of BDSM: Powerone.  If you like your erotica hot, hot, hot then look no further than Teased, Tied And Tormented 

Was male domination and complete surrender the only answer to their dilemmas? Three women move from the U.S. to Barcelona, Venezuela.  Collette had paid the price for her new job and promotion there back in her company's U.S. division, by kneeling or bending over submissively to her bosses.  She wondered if she would she have to continue paying in Venezuela?  Lola is enrolled in the university, where she finds the Professors are expected to teach a girl her place in life is to pleasure a man.  Cherry has taken a job in a prestigious hospital, but while she tries to chase the rich boys, it is the boys’ fathers that capture her.  From the first day in Venezuela, when customs teach them that submission is their only alternative, the three women each find their place in the new culture.  Read how each copes with the rigorous demands the men make on them.  If you loved Powerone’s most popular novel, “Taught to Submit” you will love “Teased, Tied and Trained” even more.  His longest novel, at over 90,000 words, Powerone was unable to put it down until he gave the reader all the memorable scenes the multiple story line called for, the kind of audaciously hot scenes he is famous for and that his fans expect.

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