Monday, April 4, 2011

Out Now: Party Games By Charlotte Gatto

Sizzler is extremely excited about the release of this new Charlotte Gatto work of top-notch erotica by Charlotte Gatto: Party Games
Hoping to impress her new boyfriend, Stephanie agrees to attend a party with him despite her reservations about joining in the mysterious 'party games'. Seduced by the beautiful Miranda's soft and sensual touches she cannot resist when Simon, the striking party host, decides to join in and she finds herself doing things she had never even dreamed of before. But when she makes a mistake and breaks the rules, she quickly finds out that the game is not nearly as simple as she had been led to believe. Stephanie is tied up, blindfolded, whipped and used until her boyfriend, Chris, finally calls a halt to the game and reveals a surprising secret. After days of sex and mind games, can Stephanie finally find a way to escape the house? Does her opportunity lie in one of the guests, a gorgeous Italian named Maurizio, who may not be what he appears?

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