Monday, April 25, 2011

Out Now: Teased, Tied And Tormented By Powerone

Sizzler is thrilled - and then some - by this new release by our resident master of BDSM: Powerone.  If you like your erotica hot, hot, hot then look no further than Teased, Tied And Tormented 

Was male domination and complete surrender the only answer to their dilemmas? Three women move from the U.S. to Barcelona, Venezuela.  Collette had paid the price for her new job and promotion there back in her company's U.S. division, by kneeling or bending over submissively to her bosses.  She wondered if she would she have to continue paying in Venezuela?  Lola is enrolled in the university, where she finds the Professors are expected to teach a girl her place in life is to pleasure a man.  Cherry has taken a job in a prestigious hospital, but while she tries to chase the rich boys, it is the boys’ fathers that capture her.  From the first day in Venezuela, when customs teach them that submission is their only alternative, the three women each find their place in the new culture.  Read how each copes with the rigorous demands the men make on them.  If you loved Powerone’s most popular novel, “Taught to Submit” you will love “Teased, Tied and Trained” even more.  His longest novel, at over 90,000 words, Powerone was unable to put it down until he gave the reader all the memorable scenes the multiple story line called for, the kind of audaciously hot scenes he is famous for and that his fans expect.

Out Now: Forced Pleasure By Sascha Illyvich

Sizzler is extremely pleased to be able to bring you a brand new erotic masterwork by Sascha Illyvich: Forced Pleasure

Two more romantic tales of bondage from your humble author are served up in this collection. In Forced Pleasure, we have the struggle between want and need as Francine looks to help her relieve Micah's stresses in a most unusual way only to realize that her lover Nick has plans of his own to handle both of their hearts. In Sweet Submission, Gawith is happy with his new kinky, poly family but the one thing that dogs him is the mistake he made with the woman who captured his heart.  Samantha is the perfect submissive, older, caring, loving and into the Lifestyle with just as much gusto as Gawith.  But his mistake could cost him the one thing he needs in order to be complete. BDSM tales in their own right are romance stories, though not always told in the typical fashion or given the typical outcome.  But to those who understand What It Is That We Do, there is a beauty never missed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Out Now: The Kincaid Way By Betty Carlton

Sizzler is very thrilled to be able to announce a brand new erotic masterpiece by Betty Carlton: The Kincaid Way!
Matt Kincaid, chose not to follow his family heritage. His thoughts changed when, Patsy, his choice of bride, disrespects his wishes. Hoping to save the relationship, he acknowledges the family's wisdom in handling such matters. Will she understand his need for control?  Patsy, young and innocent in the ways of the world. She just wants a wedding the same as every young woman. Even she was not sure how it managed to get out of control. Now chastised and in the arms of the man she once worshiped, she learns complete submission is the only way she will regain his trust. To stay with him she must except a life very different from the one she imagined.

Out Now: Sex In San Francisco: An Anthology Of Smoking Hot Tales Inspired By The Sexiest City On Earth (Edited By) M. Christian

Sizzler is very thrilled to be able to announce the release of what will no-doubt be the definitive erotic anthology on one of the world's most sensual cities: Sex In San Francisco: An Anthology Of Smoking Hot Tales Inspired By The Sexiest City On Earth (Edited By) M. Christian

What it is about San Francisco that seems to promise, and even promote, sex: sex hot and heavy, sex tender and loving, sex straight and gay, sex kinky and vanilla, in fact, just about every type of sex that can be imagined?  Why is San Francisco considered such an attraction for lovers of all kinds and such a hotbed of steamy eroticism?  Why is this city, instead of so many others, called — with lusty admiration as well as scathing jealousy — the Id of America, Sodom by the Sea, Bagdad by the Bay, and Sin Francisco? Some of the best writers of erotica in the nation seek answers to that question in Sex In San Francisco. These writers show why San Francisco is so damned sexy, and through their stories they show you the erotic heart of the city and its residents.  Donna George Storey, PM White, Renatto Garcia, Adele Levin, Shanna Germain, Craig J.  Sorensen, Theda Hudson, Jude Mason, Neve Black, Mykola Dementiuk, Jeremy Edwards, and Anna Reed with Lily Penza have created wonderful erotic tales, each of which takes a unique approach to probing what makes San Francisco such a sexy place to be in and to dream about.  Each author uses her or his own amazing literary – and yes, erotic – vision to share with us a very personal interpretation of what constitutes sex in the city of the Golden Gate. These authors may be looking at the same city and viewing the same buildings and landscape, but for each of them San Francisco is, like sex, a very personal, and unique, thing

Monday, April 11, 2011

Out Now: A Game Of Catch By Melissa Harlow

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to bring you a brand new erotic masterpiece by our resident BSDM artist, Melissa Harlow: A Game Of Catch

Willow's having some trouble finding the right man. Her last relationship abruptly ended when she discovered her boyfriend was married. She has apologized to his wife, Rebecca, and is trying to move on, but Rebecca's anger runs deep and she has a plan to get rid of Willow.  FunFinders is a website designed to help adults with fetishes hook up for sex. When Rebecca stumbles on an ad for it, she decides to create a profile for Willow, using Willow's real name and pictures, and as for Willow's fetishes- Rebecca writes that Willow wants to be kidnapped, restrained and kept for sex, using force if necessary.  Randy Ross has just been released from prison after a five years stretch. Stuck in a camper out in the woods at his brother, Quinn's, place, Willow's ad seems like an invitation he can't turn down. When Randy sends Willow a message Rebecca is more than happy provide him with Willow's apartment number, along with a message.  "I'll fight you when you come to take me, but only because I have to. I need to know you are a strong enough man to satisfy me. If you aren't man enough to capture me then you aren't what I am looking for. I don't want a pretend play time. I want the real thing, from a real man. I hope that you are that man."  It's a good thing she told him to expect a struggle.

Out Now: The Addendum [The Trust Book1] By N. T. Morley

If you like your BDSM erotica hot, steamy, and powerful then look no further than this new treasure by our master of BDSM erotica, N. T. MorleyThe Addendum [The Trust Book1]

Ordered to abandon her rich husband and once again become a kneeling sexual salve, gorgeous 28-year-old trophy wife Erica Hall is reclaimed by the secret European society of dominants who spent five years training her to serve in every way! The Addendum is the first volume of a series concerning The Trust, a worldwide secret society of fantastically rich, very dominant and extremely sadistic men who induce willing females to be psychologically, emotionally and physically molded into dehumanized sex slaves craving not only consensual sexual exploitation but humiliation, degradation, abuse, pain, and punishment during a five-year training program.  From the bestselling author of The Office Trilogy, and other modern classics of BDSM. Cover art: Joel Wideman

Out Now: As Sexy As Could Be [Show Business Kids#2] By C. K. Ralston

Sizzler is extremely excited to be able to bring you the second volume of C. K. Ralston's wonderful series, Show Business Kids: As Sexy As Could Be [Show Business Kids#2]

Rich, powerful, sexy. They were show business' greatest stars. There were no brakes on their behavior. They could have and do anything. And they did! Their lifestyles were even more dangerous because they were also as sexy as could be. The inside story of the 20-somethings who are making headlines today.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Out Now: Party Games By Charlotte Gatto

Sizzler is extremely excited about the release of this new Charlotte Gatto work of top-notch erotica by Charlotte Gatto: Party Games
Hoping to impress her new boyfriend, Stephanie agrees to attend a party with him despite her reservations about joining in the mysterious 'party games'. Seduced by the beautiful Miranda's soft and sensual touches she cannot resist when Simon, the striking party host, decides to join in and she finds herself doing things she had never even dreamed of before. But when she makes a mistake and breaks the rules, she quickly finds out that the game is not nearly as simple as she had been led to believe. Stephanie is tied up, blindfolded, whipped and used until her boyfriend, Chris, finally calls a halt to the game and reveals a surprising secret. After days of sex and mind games, can Stephanie finally find a way to escape the house? Does her opportunity lie in one of the guests, a gorgeous Italian named Maurizio, who may not be what he appears?

Out Now: Mask Of Desire And Other Erotic Diversions Rod Harden

Sizzler Books is pleased and proud to announce the release of a new Rod Harden masterwork: Mask Of Desire And Other Erotic Diversions.  If you like your erotica smart as well as extra-hot then this is the book for you!
SCORCHING BDSM COLLECTION FROM #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF "ABDUCTED … AND LOVING IT!" Rod Harden's "short stories weave a powerful erotic spell over the reader. Rod Harden brings to life the guilty pleasures that dwell with the dark recesses of the human psyche. Journey with him as he takes you away into a world of pleasure and pain, of domination and submission, treading always the fine line between darkness and light," writes Michelle Houston in Sensual Romance Reviews.  Mask of Desire & Other Erotic Diversions is Harden's first new collection in years.  Journey with him into the erotic frontier in such stories as  "Act of Contrition." "Col Legno," "Judgment Day," "Annie's First Day on the Job," "Mask of Desire," "For Us Sinners," "Silence Is Golden," and others.

Out Now: It's A Date [Mrs. Kaufman And Me, Book 1] By Randall Lang

Id you like your Sizzler Books extra-sizzling as well as extra-well-written then look no further than this brand new masterpiece by Randall Lang: It's A Date [Mrs. Kaufman And Me, Book 1]

His luck hadn't been so hot in high school or college, but when he met the sexy, intriguing Mrs. Kaufman - he started getting lucky. He may have thought he was the predator, but after one "date" with her, he found out he was wrong!