Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out Now: Madison's Cure & Other Erotica - The Best Of Sascha Illyvich

Here's the best from one of our best erotica writers we at Sizzler have to offer.  After reading Madison's Cure & Other Erotica you'll see why Sascha Illyvich is one of our erotica stars!

Here are erotic stories of bdsm, menage, lesbian love, cougar love, bisexual love, man on man sex, and the paranormal just for good measure! The author picked out his favorites from all his tales, stories that have received high reviews/praise and work he loved the best.  As Illyvich writes: "An author puts their best passion into work that arouses them and it seems that most of my stories are about friends I've either fucked or wanted to fuck, so the passion was not hard to find!" Included are Adventurous, Mistress Anna, Aqua Dream, Chick 'n Stu, Claimed, Community Service, Confession, Emerald Green, For Amber, Heat Wave,  Lashway's Lease, Release, Reversal, Secret Connection, and others.

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