Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out Now: Daughter Of The Moon II - The Depths By Patricia Green

Sizzler is pleased and proud to announce the release of the second in the  acclaimed and best-selling Daughter Of The Moon series by Patricia Green: Daughter Of The Moon II - The Depths

Deep beneath the earth a small group struggles with personal and sexual differences to survive the end of the world! Imagine living 150 years in the future, a time when neo-paganism flourishes over other religions; the younger generation has grown up under the stress of a long-standing war; and people live only for the moment, their sexuality free and easy with no threat of disease or unwanted pregnancy. Suddenly a war escalates and the Earth is nearly destroyed in a nuclear exchange. A group of men and women survive in a haven beneath the ground. Among them are Mikhail a peaceful man who may have to abandon his principles to rescue Sonata, the woman he loves, from his companion Charles' plan to subjugate her and turn her in to his sex slave. Sonata knows she feels something for Mikhail but Charles' will is so forceful... Mikhail and Charles war with each other while Sonata struggles to choose between them and to find her own independence. There are still frequent outbursts of sparking emotion from Sonata and Charles, as each tries to discover their zone of comfort within the relationship they have formed. They break up at one point, and prove themselves so miserable that their friends begin to wonder at their sanity. Charles buries himself in work while Sonata looks to find other sex-partners, thinking it will change her attitude toward Charles. Getting guidance from her neo-pagan sisters, the Daughters of the Moon, Sonata gradually comes to understand which of the two men she will be with when the time to return to life on the surface comes.

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