Friday, February 25, 2011

Out Now: The Sweet Side Of The Ropes - Enthralling Tales Of Male-Male Romance By Kiernan Kelly

There are very few writers as good as Kiernan Kelly and with her her release, The Sweet Side Of The Ropes - Enthralling Tales Of Male-Male Romance, you will have a chance to see why!  Here's a collection of gay romance that will have you excited and touched in all kinds of wonderful new ways.

Another erotic collection of rapturous M/M romance stories from Kiernan Kelly! In Blind Faith, Devin learns from Julian that love isn’t always about what is seen, but rather what can be felt in both flesh and the heart. Ballin’ The Jack features a very talented and demonstrative sex toy salesman who makes the rounds to Jack’s store. Readers are cooled down and then turned on in Firehouse Heat, when two firemen find comfort in the ritual established to cure night terrors. The sweet Side of the Ropes gives readers a taste of fame from a very famous musician who comes back to Tennessee to find himself when he discovers something about an old friend. Kiernan’s light humor and sense of timing will have readers laughing, crying, coming and returning for more! Kiernan Kelly's male-male romances are "loving and gentle ... burning hot ... quirky and refreshing..." raves Romance Junkies.  Cover: Kimberly Killion

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