Monday, February 7, 2011

Out Now: SoulBond - A Novel of Romantic Discipline Submission by Valentine Adams

If you're looking for BDSM that sparks and literally sizzlers then look no further than this brand new steamy book by our master of power-exchange erotica, Valentine Adams: SoulBond - A Novel of Romantic Discipline Submission

He Bound Her Body and Her Heart! In the tradition of J. W. McKenna and Powerone comes a brilliant new author of the romance of domination and surrender. Five years ago Preston Hunter, a well-known, successful writer, hired Greta as a temporary assistant. But now, he realizes that Greta has become a part of his life, and Press wants more than just the office relationship. But he doesn't know how to tell her. Press has already been married twice and neither relationship fulfilled his sexual needs. His only outlet is the erotic novels of bondage and submission he writes under a secret pseudonym, Valentine Hart. Valentine's characters do the sort of stuff that Press only dreams about. Then Greta, who is a secret submissive, finds Valentine's erotica online. His writings turn her on in a way nothing else ever has, and she develops a relationship with Valentine via email, never realizing he is actually her boss, Preston Hunter. However Press realizes who is emailing him, and sets out to use his writing to seduce her. Then, in a risky undertaking Val convinces Greta to become Preston's slave for a weekend. The results of that weekend will change their lives forever. For what the pair discovers is that they are more than just soul mates, they share a SoulBond.

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