Friday, February 25, 2011

Out Now: Mine Alone By Betty Carlton

If you like your BDSM kinky, sexy, hot, but also wonderfully well-written then look no further than this brand-new release from Betty Carlton: Mine Alone 

Charles Kincaid is man who was raised to believe women should know their place. It's a man's responsibility to teach them and at times give discipline as reminders when necessary. Today's stage will bring him in contact with Penelope Carson. Never being told no he sets his sights on her. He takes her to his remote cabin. It is here he begins her lessons. His greatest daydream is to have his name on her lips as she responds in passion to his control of her body. She begs for a chance to prove she will obey him without painful lessons. He watches with fascination as she tries to reconcile the fact she is now his body and soul. She being an innocent woman reacts the only way she can. In fear she continually tries to convince him that his heavy handed ways are not necessary to control her. He forces her to discover her own sexually and she learns to experience pleasure and learns that the power of returning that pleasure can give her. She will win some battles and lose some. With plans of someday escaping him she begins a campaign to push him to expand his trust of her. She gently pushes his rules a just smidgen over the lines he sets. Then using his sexual demands he has against him. The day will come when she has an opportunity to flee. Her attempt is unsuccessful. However, her attempt has made her face reality, that only she can decide if there will be any future happiness in her life with him.

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