Monday, January 31, 2011

Out Now: The Taking Of Keeley By Reese Gabriel

We at Sizzler are very pleased to bring new a wonderful new BDSM book by the truly exceptional writer,  Reese Gabriel: The Taking Of Keeley 

Did He Want to Save Her or Enslave Her? When Keeley Davis agrees to help her boyfriend pay off his gambling debts to the mob, she has no idea it is her shapely young body they want. Kidnapped to the sleazy world of porn movies, she eventually finds herself in the hands of a sadistic Mexican drug lord and pimp known as El Lobo--The Wolf. El Lobo makes a gift of the former blonde beauty queen to her fellow American, a hit man named Harlan Graves. Harlan knows he needs to do the right thing, but can he resist using the girl as the submissive sex slave she has become? Meanwhile, The Wolf's kinky wife Sofia has some plans of her own for Harlan. Can the gringo make it alive out of The Wolf's den, with or without the girl? It is a race against time, a race against desire for The Taking of Keeley. Find out why Reese Gabriel is a Five Star Amazon author of erotica, and why readers say things like, "Hot and steamy S and M ... takes you to another world." Reese Gabriel's books "grip you with believable, sexy characters. To the last page, the plot keeps you guessing and the sex is hot, too. The S and M aspects are just right. A surprisingly great read from an up and coming author."

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