Monday, January 31, 2011

Out Now: My Sexy Valentine: Four Sensual Encounters On The World's Most Romantic Holiday

If you like your erotica hot and wild but also romantic and touching - in lots of good ways - then look no further than this brand new anthology edited by our own Sascha Illyvich and featuring master storytellers Em Petrova, Michael Mandrake, Ike Rose, and Daisy Harris: My Sexy Valentine: Four Sensual Encounters On The World's Most Romantic Holiday

Unexpected surprises and four very special carnal adventures lie in wait for four sets of lovers on Valentine's day. These four short novels will make you laugh, cry, smolder, and send you running for a cold shower. In the first novel, "Bachelorette"  by Em Petrova, a spirited woman is deserted by her fiance  on the very day her wedding was to take place, but five delectable Frenchmen have a plan to comfort her out of her Valentine's Day blues - and bridal garments. In the second novel, "Only When I Lose Myself" by Michael Mandrake, Adrian is in need of someone to be his special Valentine and discovers that in janitor, Matthew Gianopolis, a janitor with superior intelligence but poor social skills, he has found it. In the third, "My Valentine Prince" by Ike Rose, a blue-collar college educated hunk who fought class prejudices to raise up the corporate ladder must choose which of two men is to be his Prince Charming: his rich ex-boss boyfriend, or the sailor who gave up his career to love him forever. In the fourth, "Cupid’s Arrow" by Daisy Harris, the god Cupid swears off love, but when a girl he shoots doesn't swoon as expected, he learns that to woo her he'll have to break his rule and fall in love with her himself.

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