Friday, January 7, 2011

Out Now: Motel Slave by Cyn Castle

If you like your BDSM hot and steamy then look no further than Cyn Castle's Motel Slave! 

She Discovered Fulfillment in Surrender! When Eva's boyfriend abandons her at a sleazy motel with no money or credit cards, to earn cash and work off the bill Eva has to beg a job from Arnold, the motel's even sleazier manager. Soon Eva discovers Arnold expects her to be more than a maid. He forces her to become his slave, submit to his demands, and silently bear punishment when she earns his displeasure. Soon Eva finds she isn't just expected to be Arnold's slave but the motel's slave. What surprises Eva is that when she compares him to the other men in her life, he is "the best man" she has ever known. In Motel Slave, Cyn Castle paints another frank and uncensored picture of the inner life of the modern young woman.

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