Friday, January 7, 2011

Out Now: French Kiss By Heather McVey

Sizzler is extremely pleased to be able to bring you a brand new erotic romance by our celebrated erotic star, Heather McVey: French Kiss 

Heather Hunt lives with the burden of a an unavoidable car wreck that took her little sister's life. Then Pierre duPardue, a gorgeous stranger with a honey-tipped French accent, turns up on her doorstep. For the first time Heather realizes how long it has been since she has been with a man or even thought about one. Now Heather discovers her need to be held and hold a man, one man, Pierre with the tall, dark, mouth-watering body and the come-to-bed chocolate-brown eyes. But Pierre is a big-time architect, with his own multi-million dollar company and more women already than he knows what to do with. Though he is attracted to Heather, he knows he doesn't have room in his life for another one. But he also recognizes that ever since he first clapped eyes Heather, he's wanted to break through her cold surface defenses, discover the sultry woman he is certain lies within and ultimately tame her. Can he? He's willing to die trying.

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