Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out Now: Dark Seduction by Danielle Engle

Sizzler is excited to be able to bring you a brilliant new erotic novel by Danielle Engle: Dark Seduction.  Pick this wonderfully-written new book and you will not be disappointed!

Romantic Suspense as Rape Victim Seeks Revenge! The renowned L.A. fashion designer Meredith Winters doesn't know it, but she is soon to be tangled in a web of romance, revenge and danger. But, an invitation to attend an award dinner in her hometown and accept a prestigious fashion industry award, it leads to love and a harrowing confrontation with her haunting past. As a young woman, Meredith was raped on prom night by a group of young men who have grown up to be prominent citizens--including James Wilson, Jr. (Jamie), son of the former mayor, who is now the city's new mayor and the man designated to present her with the award. Back home, Meredith begins to fall in love with Jay Eliot, and their feelings for each other lead to passionate affair. She also renews a bitter conflict with her father, a former police detective who she felt betrayed her by not going after the mayor's son after the rape. When, Jamie's father begins to suspect Meredith wants revenge against his son, the former mayor calls on old underworld contacts to put out a contract on her. But he doesn't count on his own son's reformation, and when Jamie learns his father's plans for, Jamie hires someone of his own to protect her. As the secrets unravel, on one harrowing night, Meredith is kidnapped and faces deadly ménage, while Jamie is forced to face the truth about his father. It is a night that will change the pair, as well as the town that gave them birth--forever. Dark Seduction is a masterpiece of romantic suspense interweaved with sex and danger. 

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