Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out Now: To The Manor Bound By Don Winslow

Sizzler is thrilled to announce the publication my our best-selling BDSM author Don Winslow: To The Manor Bound.  A superb example of Victorian-style erotica, To The Manor Bound, will not disappoint!
Stingingly fresh Victorian erotica as only bestselling author Don Winslow can write it. In this pulse-pounding bondage novel in the classic style, Lady Maude and Lord Maxwell, a very advanced couple with a taste for b&d, decide to help a relative loosen up his very up-tight wife. Soon they are educating her on the ins and outs married life and the proper devotion a wife should pay her husband. Spanking, whipping, corseting and a number of orgies ensue. At first the new wife hates it, but then she realizes she likes all these delicious new sensations and experiences. Good Reads calls Don Winslow "a master eroticist." Rudolf Spoerer says, "Don Winslow is a master Victorian erotica author and I recommend this book highly!" 

Out Now: Wolf Magic: A Fantasy Of Werewolves And Witches In The Twilight By Sascha Illyvich

The one-and-only Sascha Illyvich is back with a brand new paranormal erotic novel: Wolf Magic: A Fantasy Of Werewolves And Witches In The Twilight.  If you like your erotica fierce and hary then this is the book for you!

An enthralling contemporary fantasy, and a passionate erotic romance. Marco and Selene. Werewolf and witch. He is the sexy, rebellious young werewolf whose anger and violence are legendary. She is a sexy, mature witch into whose care the elders of his pack have given Marco. At once she realizes he is more dangerous and powerful that the other werewolves. To Marco she is the most desirable woman he has ever met, and he knows he will never give up until he possesses her. As she attempts to show him wisdom, he subjects her to his very considerable charms.  Something has to give - and does. As nights of torrid lovemaking and nights of the full moon when he tears himself from her side alternate, neither suspects that they are at the center of a conspiracy by the leaders of Marco's pack, or that they may all be pawns in an ancient prophecy from the dawn of time. For the love that binds them both is bringing death nearer with every beat of their hearts. Marco is strong and Selene wise, but these are as nothing to the power of the danger that threatens them. Cover: Laura Givens.

Out Now: Take Your Slave To Work Day & Other Tales Of Discipline And Restraint By Elizabeth Coldwell

Sizzler is extra-proud to announce the release of a collection of guaranteed-to-be-hotter-than hell stories by the guaranteed-to-be-fantastic Elizabeth Coldwell: Take Your Slave To Work Day & Other Tales Of Discipline And Restraint.  This is BDSM erotica at very it's finest!

What are your deepest, most secret desires? Do they involve the kiss of a whip against your bare back, the feel of a palm swatting hard against your unprotected ass, the click of handcuffs around your wrist? If so, you are not alone. The characters in this collection experience that same kind of discipline and restraint. In Local Boy Makes Bad, an interview with a producer of bondage films offers Holly the opportunity to experience at first-hand her fantasy of being bound and helpless. Hope, in Take Your Slave To Work Day, couldn't have expected what happens when her mistress takes her away from her familiar domestic routine and back to the office where she once worked. In Princess Academy, a spoiled little rich girl is the ideal candidate to receive a very special lesson in manners from the head of the eponymous Academy. Not to mention the experiences awaiting the scantily-clad holidaymaker who pushes her teasing exploits too far in Flaunting It, the sissy maid striving to please her most demanding mistress in Tulip Serves Tea, or the builder who fulfills all his best friend's kinkiest fantasies in Remodeling. As for the rest of the stories -- but that would be giving too much away... Elizabeth Coldwell lives and writes in London.  Her stories have been published by Black Lace, Cleis Press, Total-e-Bound and Xcite Books among many others. Cover: Joel Wideman.

Friday, November 19, 2010

How To Sell Erotica Panel! - Now On Radio Dentata!

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the How To Sell Erotica Panel, that was recorded live at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco - and which featured celebrated and award-winning erotic authors, Donna George Storey, Blake C. Aarens, M. Christian, Gina de Vries, and Jean Marie Stine - here's another chance as the entire panel will be broadcast at 10:00PM EST, Monday, November 22nd, and Thursday, November 25 at 7:00PM EST, on Radio Dentata!  If you miss the broadcasts don't despair as the show will be archived on Radio Dentata immediatly afterwards.


Here's more info about this very entertaining and informative event: 

If you're interested in writing erotica for fun or, yes, even money, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn all there is to learn about creating sexually explicit stories, dealing with editors and publishers, how to bring sex and sensuality to life in your work, plus all kinds of tips and tricks, and much, much more!

The panelists at this entertaining and informative event were:
  • Donna George Storey, a writing and book promotion columnist.
  • Blake C. Aarens, who writes award-winning erotic fiction.
  • M. Christian, writer and anthologist who has sold over 300 short stories, five novels and edited over two dozen anthologies.
  • Gina de Vries, whose fiction, journalism, memoir, and smut have appeared in dozens of anthologies.
  • Jean Marie Stine, author, former magazine editor, and publisher of the erotic ebook pioneer Sizzler Editions.

Topics discussed by these respected erotic professionals include:
  • How did you sell the first story you got paid for?
  • What elements make an erotic story sell?
  • What are the easiest markets to break into?
  • How do you dream up sexy story ideas and sexy scenes?
  • What's the right amount of sex in a sexy story?
  • Is it possible to write convincing stories for sexual orientations and interests beyond your own? If not, why not? And if so, how do you do it?
  • What Internet resources for writers of erotica would you recommend?
  • Any thoughts on how to get along well with editors and publishers? Do's? Don't's?
  • Have you ever experienced negative reviews or criticism from fans? If so, how do you deal with it?
  • Have you ever sold the same story more than once? If so, what is the most times you have ever sold one story?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Out Now: Midnight Mistress By Heather Lynx

Sizzler is very pleased to be able to bring you a brand new release from out celebrated and best selling author, Heather Lynx: Midnight Mistress. 

Her apartment was was in the plush area just off Sunset Blvd. Some of the most powerful men in Hollywood came groveling to suffer at her feet. They called her "Mistress," she made them pay for everything men had ever done to women. They paid in cash as well as in pain. She was Hollywood's top dominatrix. Then officer Larry Schmidt, a veteran LAPD police officer, meets Chet and Lance, two men who have been visiting a woman therapist and wear the marks of their therapy - a bruised buttock, swollen gonads and a torn nipple - like a medal of honor. Obsessed with the therapist, known as Mistress Sonya, Larry agrees when she contacts him and insists on meeting him under her own terms. They joins her in a hotel where he blindfolds himself, handcuffs himself to the bed and experiences first hand her kind of therapy.  To his dismay afterward, he still doesn't discover who she is.  But he is intrigued by how sexually intense Mistress Sonya's therapy is. She decides to meet him again under the same circumstances. Before she leaves, she makes him an offer to reveal her identity if he will consent to exploring the needs she has helped him discover deep inside of himself.  She also makes it clear that she doesn't want him as a client but as a soul mate.Photo: Thomas Hodges. 

Out Now: Skillfully And Lovingly: Tales Of Male-Male Love And Lust By Jan Vander Laenen

Sizzler is extremely proud to announce the publication of Skillfully And Lovingly: Tales Of Male-Male Love by Jan Vander Laenen: a brilliant new gay erotic collection by a writer we are sure will amaze you as much as he amazes us. 

Dazzling male-male encounters - from the depths to the sublime. Jan Vander Laenen is one of Europe's most celebrated gay male voices. This first ever collection includes stories from Best Gay Erotica, Best Gay Love Stories, Bears, Passions, Stories of Extreme Sex, and more. The Duquesnoy Trilogy is a miniature outline of the leather scene; A Glass of Cognac, a very French story about betrayal and unfaithfulness. Many of these stories are situated in Brussels, Belgium, the city where he happens to live and which, as the capital of the European Community, already displays the international chaos characterized by our present world – and that makes it the perfect breeding ground for an author with imagination.

Out Now: Hardcore - A Novel Of Bondage By Scylla

Sizzler is excited to announce the publication of Hardcore - A Novel Of Bondage By Scylla.  If you like your BDSM hot, hot, hot then you're 'bound' (sorry) to like this new book!

Her submission was a badge of honor. Jane Beresford has given herself up to hardcore BDSM. Every night she endures the utmost extremes of pain and degradation. Men with unquenchable thirsts to dominate and humiliate women use Jane as if she had no value at all except as a conduit through which they could satisfy their lusts. But throughout it all, Jane secretely glories in everything that she is subjected to. Why? What is Jane's secret? Find out in this unique novel from the masterful pen of Scylla, author of Rope! and Love Bombs. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Excerpt From Siddella’s Surrender By Sascha Illyvich

For your enjoyment, here's a teasing taste from Sascha Illyvich's new novel: Siddella’s Surrender.
Thief of the Low Court of Faery, discovers she's stolen something very valuable to the cybernetic ruling class. Crashing a party, she doesn't realize that the Black Angus, Faery's legendary guards are present. With voracious sexual appetites that make modern BDSM players cringe, she fears the Black Angus will find out her one most personal secret along with the data she stole.

Lord Frika has organized the Black Angus in an assault on the cybernetic ruling class of the Unseelie Kingdom in an attempt to begin reversing the damage computers and technology have done to Faery.

Seeing Siddella, he realizes that this little party crasher is more than just a thief and that she holds the key to not only restoring Faery but to his heart. Can an thief who values freedom fall in love with a fierce fighter with a taste for chaining his lovers and then degrading them in every way he can imagine? Can the two them work past personal issues to save Faery from a fate worse than death?

Or will her forced surrender be too much for the Faery to handle? 

Excerpt From

Chapter One

She ducked into the shadows, using the large buildings as cover against the onslaught of electric bolts being fired at her by the Cyber-Fae.  Heaving breath, sweat covered and barely clothed, she had only herself to blame for trying to steal data from a high ranking Comrade in this part of town.

What little magick she could summon, she pulled from deep within and used it with a cloak chant.  The Cyber-Fae chasing her wouldn’t be able to sense her unless her temperature fluctuated much.

In this cold weather, that was unlikely.

Fae in the Unseelie Kingdom knew only one temperature.  Freezing.

Lights from hover cars zoomed past her, the whirling sirens of the Cyber-Fae’s elite police force speeding past her.

Siddella’s heart pounded loudly against her chest.  In these lands she could not call enough magick to warm her body or still her beating heart since the grid took ever little bit of energy from the inhabitants to power the computers used to run the city-state. 

Sinking deeper into the shadows, Siddella remained still as a brick while silently praying for the return of the Goddess and God to these lands. She hadn’t been here personally to experience what was once the great Unseelie Kingdom but stories abounded of a time when there was no military other than royalty and weapons consisted of magick, not metal. 

Another moment passed in what seemed like an eternity.

Using her magick feelers, Siddella picked up the presence of others who were not Fae and they were close by.  Probably more military.  There was supposed to be a demonstration today.  She hoped to avoid detection and blend into the shadows while making her way back to meet her contact. 

They wouldn’t help her but their scents would help mask hers once she mingled in with them.

The trick was, did she have enough glamour to change her appearance and get into whatever event was going on.

A little food would help.  Disappearing from this hateful realm and into the Seelie Kingdom would be a better fate than dying under the thumb of a merciless ruler who sold his own people out for technology in an attempt to provide security against a non threatening enemy.

Or, perhaps she could get to Earth and masquerade as a Goth while living out her days in peace.

 The money her contact promised for this information would certainly get her out of the Unseelie City-State. 

Siddella crept along the building side until she reached the back wall that ran along the length of the high rise.  Peering up between the buildings, she noticed a sliver of light between the brick wall and back edge of the building.  She could slither through, race along the line of the wall and bypass being spotted if she kept her balance. 

Her stomach grumbled. 

Siddella set a hand on her tummy and clutched at it.  A shiver ran through her.

She swallowed hard.

The sky opened up and began to pour white snow from the clouds.  The sounds of other Fae yelling and scurrying inside to avoid the snow echoed through the alleyway. 

Siddella didn’t have a choice.  She had to make it into one of the nearby buildings before the electric snowfall zapped her.

Since the weather had changed so drastically in the Unseelie, Gods and Goddesses left.  The land which lived at will no longer reflected Faery culture.  Random beautiful storms that showered Faery with colorful liquid and made flowers bloom in the darkness became acid rain storms. Snow that once coated the land in a blanket of white and blue now fell with heavy voltage of electricity. 

Not all of Faery had changed, the Seelie Kingdom was still a Kingdom, not a Fascist city-state.  Granted, the Fae there were prudish and Victorian but that part of Fae still retained the blessings of the Court of Light. 

Siddella clutched the flash drive in her pocket and made a dash for the wall.  She hoped her speed could get her up on top and keep her balanced until she found an opening. 

With a quick jump, she now perched on the single layer brick wall.  The tiny amount of room would give her some shelter from the electric snow, but not enough to keep her completely uncovered. 

If snow hit her skin, it would zap her with several hundred volts of electricity. 

She swallowed another lump in her throat and took off down the line of bricks, darting over gaps.

Snow fell with a buzz around her ears. 

She stopped just in time to see the end of the wall and a light blanket of snowfall cover the road before her.


Panting, she dug her hand into the pocket of her jeans and shoved the flash drive deeper inside, making sure to protect it from the outside static that accompanied the snow.

The soft buzzing became a loud hiss.

Looking around, Siddella saw the giant hotel across from where she perched and saw doors open.  Guests in suits hung around the glass windows watching the snowfall. 

She could probably make it across the street without getting hit by snow. 

Hover vehicles zoomed down the street at a fast pace. The cars provided protection from the electrical storm but nobody liked being out in it.

Her nose picked up the scent of white pepper and cayenne. 

She ran a hand through her shoulder length white hair and hoped she could summon enough glamour to get passed the doorman into shelter.

This would require the rest of her energy.  She’d spent what she had on getting to this point.

Every nerve was on edge.  She calculated the distance from here to the hotel opening.  Just one hundred meters.  With the wind blowing that would probably knock her off course slightly, at best.  At worst, she’d make it to the awning but get hit with a few flakes. 


She had no choice. She had to survive the next few hours in hopes of meeting her contact.

One more, she swallowed down the bile that rose in her throat. Taking a deep breath, she figured out that heading slightly to the left of her target would probably get her to the door and inside with just enough time to spare that she could throw up her glamour and fit in with the others.

Tattered black and pink cloth covered her top and because of her breasts hug just above her belly button, tight blue shorts hugged her hips, leaving most of her legs exposed.  Ankle length boots with holes in the soles completed her rag tag outfit.

She shrugged and prayed once more to the Gods who used to live here that she wouldn’t get struck down by electric snow. 

Inhaling a deep breath, Siddella lowered herself to a sprinting position.  With a whoosh, she let out her breath and took off into the street.

A horn blared to her right.

Lights flashed to her left.

Gunfire sounded.

The electric bolt buzzed by her ear, distracting her for just a split second.

She veered slightly off course but kept up her pace.

Her legs pumped hard and fast, sending blood through her body to help movement. 

A loud thud caught her off guard before she realized she’d hit a column inside the hotel.

Patrons stared at her oddly.  Staff looked at her, then returned to dealing with customers. 

A grin almost crossed her lips as she realized she underestimated her speed and ran straight through the glass doors and into the middle of the large foyer. 

Marble columns like the one she ran into towered above her head.  Gray and black seemed to be the predominant theme here, with high metal walls that rose to the sky. Above her, snow fell and landed on the glass fixture several stories up.  

She’d made it to the proper hotel to meet her contact.  She let out a sigh of relief.  Only a few more minutes remained before she could escape this nasty hell. 


A hand tapped her shoulder.  She looked up to see another Faery, his eyes slightly slanted and closed much like the Asians of Earth.  His form fitting gray uniform showed off broad shoulders and narrow hips.

She licked her lips.  “Yes?”

“May I help you?” He spoke politely, keeping an even tone while his gaze roamed over her body.

Patting herself off, Siddella stood. 

She remembered the gunfire outside.  She had limited time before whoever shot at her came into the hotel.  Think damnit!  “I’m here waiting for a friend.” 

He smiled kindly.  “Can I get you a coat?  You hardly look dressed for this weather.” 

That smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

His accent was definitely that of a Halfling. Words were pronounced in a low tone and drawn out.  “You look like you’re not even from these lands.”

She ran a hand through her blonde hair.  “Because I have dual colored irises?”

“Because you’re shivering and dressed highly inappropriately for the Unseelie City-State.”

She snorted.  The eyes of the Fae often gave away what area they were from.  In Siddella’s case, she had no idea which part of the lands once called a Kingdom she was from and had yet to see anyone else with eyes like hers. The average faery had adapted to the weather conditions here in the Unseelie, wearing layers of heavy clothing to protect against the frigidness and snow.  Yet, Siddella hadn’t worn much in her life, ever.  She suspected her Unseelie heritage was to blame for her sexuality.  “Yeah. Well, it’s laundry day?”

He chuckled.  “Fair enough I suppose.  At least let me get you a house robe then.”

It wasn’t like the fae didn’t encourage nudity in many places but this hotel swarmed with businessmen and women who most likely weren’t here for the freak show or the club scene.  She nodded.  “Is there a washroom I can use?”

He pointed down one hall towards a row of elevators. “Yes. Come with me and we’ll get you that robe.”

She straightened and looked around.  The fae standing before her stood several inches taller than she.  He extended a hand to her.

Seeing a chance to use what little glamour she could on him, she blinked and focused her energy on changing her appearance. White hair spiked and became a blood red.  Her dual colored eyes became tri colored, silver with white and red flecks.  She stood an inch taller with darker skin.

Her clothes she couldn’t change so much.

She swore.

Not enough magick.

Taking the offered hand, she wondered if she could drain this faery for a little boost.

Concentrating hard, she pushed a little more magick into the other faery’s body and felt the line of power coursing through him at a slow pace. Calling his power into her required very little effort.

The magick he did hold onto slowly seeped into her body.

His eyes widened at the realization of what she was doing. 

She’d have to think fast or he’d pull back and report her.

Draining others was a crime in these lands.

Siddella let a slow smile curve her lips upwards while eyelashes batted seductively at him.

The fae’s eyes twinkled with lust. 

She whispered.  “I can make this worth your while.  I just need a little.”

He nodded.

“Get me that robe.  Lead me to the bathroom.”

His pants showed the outline of an erection. 

Fifteen minutes later, Siddella left the ladies room with a refreshed feeling.  Instead of dressing in the robe her victim promised to fetch for her, she now wore the hotel uniform and had enough magick to make her body fit the clothes.

The poor Halfling she drained wouldn’t remember a thing other than being escorted to the ladies restroom.

Sometimes she hated how she used her femininity against men, but this wasn’t the time to berate herself for her gifts.  Never had she had to sleep with someone to get what she wanted, but teasing them was a lot of fun when time permitted.

She clutched the flash drive in her pocket and peeked around the corner. A number of Military personnel gathered around a clerk at the front desk. 

His hands rose in the air when rifles were pointed at him.

The clerk’s face froze. 

One of the Cyber-Fae stepped closer, flashed a badge.

She couldn’t make out the words but the feeling in her gut told her she had better hightail it out of here. 

An elevator dinged.  The doors opened and five rather tall creatures she recognized as wolves stepped into the elevator.

She had to go with them.  Hell, her contact said she would be with the wolves, maybe she was one. Siddella had only spoken to her twice over the mirrors used to call between planes.

Seeing her chance, Siddella slid in casually with the wolves.  “What floor, gentlemen?”

A gruff voice filled the compact space, making it hard to breathe among the heavy scents of earth and dirt that threatened to choke her.  “Third floor.”

Nodding, Siddella hit the button for the third floor and stood at attention. Her eyes roamed over the five wolves.  They stood silent, buzzing with power. 

She wanted to lick and taste that power, use it against the military Cyber-Fae downstairs and get a lasting parting shot before she got paid and left this hellish realm.

Wolves and Fae didn’t mix, however. Not according to the laws of the land nor to her own code. 

Wolves were good for business deals and information but that was it.  Stories of the Protectors brutally slaughtering Unseelie fae haunted many of the inhabitants here since the CyberMage put out a call to hunt them down.

So what were wolves doing in plain sight here?

It’s not like the CyberMage could be everywhere, and this particular city was fairly safe from overbearing military control.  That was until she’d stolen valuable data from the military here.

A pair of eyes burned into her, making her aware of someone observing her.  Was this her contact?

“You, come with us.  We need to let the hotel know of our needs and Frika has a list.”

She nodded.  Might as well play along and keep hidden from the military scouring the hotel’s lower level. “Sure boss.”

The elevator stopped. The doors opened to reveal another set of white marble doors with ornate etchings. The wolves exited the elevator with Siddella in tow.

She stepped past the carved doors and into the grand ballroom to see what must have been over 100 wolves all seated at tables.  They all appeared human, but the smell of deep earth and musk washed over her, making her sway from the rush of so much energy.

Siddella turned to face a dark skinned man with gold eyes.  He wore the same style suit as everyone else in the room, complete with dress shoes made of what was probably the finest    leather. 

Lips parted. “You, Myrc.”  His gruff voice called.

She looked askance at him, before realizing that the Halfling she robbed was named Myrc. “Yes?”

“There is Lord Frika.” He pointed to another man standing at the foot of a large dais. A chair sat atop the large dais, three steps above the ground. Dressed in purple and silver velvet with a gold wolf’s head protruding from a post to the left, it looked like something out of a storybook.

Recognition hit her at who she was with. Frika and his cohorts were the Black Angus. 

Lord Frika made his way to her, stopping just before her. He stood a great deal larger than life. Long blonde hair blanketed large shoulders, swaying over thick hips. His shirt stretched taut over a massive chest.  The chiseled features of his face remained stoic.  Dark gray eyes smoldered with passion so hot it threatened to consume her.  Masculine lips that spelled danger parted.  “We have a few needs, Myrc.” He looked awkwardly at her. 

She backed up. Not him.  Not the king of the legendary wolves. 

Trembling now, she took another step back. “I’m afraid I can’t help you. Let me get someone else who—“ 

From behind them, loud voices echoed commands.  Within seconds, the walls became lined with Cyber-Fae soldiers, all pointing guns at Frika and Siddella.

She turned to face them.

A soldier stepped forward and spoke with a mechanized voice. “You all need to come with us.”  A finger pointed in Siddella’s direction.

Guns trained on her emitted a high pitch sound.

Frika stepped in front of her. “What is the meaning of this?  How dare you invade a gathering of this nature with your bastardized technology.  Do you know who I am?”

The soldier took another step forward. “An enemy of the state as of now.  You’re harboring a terrorist.”

A group of men surrounded Frika.  The dark skinned one who ushered Siddella towards him earlier glanced over his shoulder. “Get out of here, Lord Frika. It’s too dangerous.”

Lord Frika sighed.

Siddella saw the pained look on his face. “Fine, but I’m taking collateral.  I’ll be in touch.”

The soldier nodded and saluted Frika.

He wrapped a strong arm around Siddella’s waist and tugged her to him. 

She screamed a protest that went unheard.  Her body hit his instantly and arousal welled up from within. What the fuck?

“You dare to fuck with the wolves that guard that Which Is Between?”  The dark skinned wolf growled.  “Seize them and kill them if you have to.”

Siddella squirmed against Frika’s body, unable to move against the solid wall of muscles of his stomach. Something swelled thick and large against her back.

She swallowed.  His cock, he was aroused at this?  What the hell?

In a blinding flash of light, the two sped through the hallway and ended up where she came in.  “Fuck,” Frika glanced around.

Siddella saw it too, the place swarmed with military.

He looked down at her and bared sharp teeth. “What did you do to incur the wrath of the military, little girl?”

Wouldn’t you like to know?  She started to speak but couldn’t find the words.  Unsure of whether Lord Frika was her savior or not, she remained silent. 

Guns pointed at them.  “Freeze!”

He shifted his weight and held her tighter against him.  “It doesn’t matter.  We’re out of here.”

His body radiated warmth like she hadn’t felt in months due to being on the streets or sleeping in alleyways. 

She liked the feel of his hands around her despite the repulsion at being with a wolf.

Magick poured from him into her so fast it made her dizzy.  “We’re getting out of here. You’ll need to hold on so enjoy the push of magick while you can.”

She nodded.  Anything to avoid being killed by the Cyber-Fae.

When she saw the doors open and realized where they were heading, her eyes widened. “Wait what about the snow?”

He headed fist first through the hotel doors, smashing glass with his huge body.

Shards cut into her skin but were instantly healed, presumable from the boost in magick he gave her.

‘We’ll deal.  I can shelter us both long enough to get to another building not far from here. Trust me.”

Monday, November 8, 2010

Out Now: Beach Blanket Bang-O & Other Tales Of Sensual Discovery By J. Troy Seate

Here's a brilliant new collection of hotter-than-hot erotica by the one-and-only J. Troy Seate: Beach Blanket Bang-O & Other Tales Of Sensual Discovery.

A shockingly sexy collection by one of today's most successful short story writers. His work has appeared in Threesomes, Alfresco Loving, and many other 'zines and anthologies. Includes: A Sticky Situation, The Naked Cellest, Sociology 101, Michelle, and many many other erotic masterpieces. Cover art: Jade 

Out Now: Taking Dictation & Other Tales Of Masters And Slaves By N. T. Morley

Sizzler is quite literally excited to announce the publication of a new N. T. Morley collection, Taking Dictation & Other Tales Of Masters And Slaves.

From the bestselling author of The Office Trilogy, and other modern classics of BDSM, comes this enthralling collection of stories about powerful Masters and the women willingly submit to them. Includes such unforgettable tales as Examining Gilly, Room Service, The Slutty Schoolgirl, Christmas Morning, Hot as Blazes, Sit and Spin and nearly a dozen others. Cover photo: Thomas Hodges 

Out Now: Mooning The Suns: 3 Short Novels Of Male-Male Romance By Kiernan Kelly

If you like your gay romances hot, wonderfully written, and imaginative then look no further than Kiernan Kelly's new collection of three short novels: Mooning The Suns.

Kiernan Kelly's male-male romances are "loving and gentle ... burning hot ... quirky and refreshing..." raves Romance Junkies. And here are three ultrahot novellas of science fiction and fantasy showcasing Kiernan Kelly at her best.  In the title story, starmen K'yn and Gunner have to keep two jumps ahead of some blood thirsty Barunians, who want the money back they lost to K'yn in a game of chance. That would be hard enough even if K'yn an Gunner weren't stuck with a rusted scow of a spaceship, but it's even harder because they can't keep their hands off each other long enough to fly the ship. Then in "A Dog's Life" an alien discovers he loves humanity, especially sexy Bob, more than his own kind, and blows up his people's the invasion force. When assassins are sent to Earth, he must go on the run, in four footed form, with Bob, which puts a crimp in their relationship - or does it?  Finally, a young man has a very magical, and very carnal, encounter in a museum late one night, with a man who couldn't possibly exist in our time, a man with strange jade ring that was never made to fit his finger. Find out why Literary Nymphs says Kiernan Kelly's work is "Passionate and at times heartbreaking..." and why Romance Reviews Today hails it as "terribly good ... will take readers on an emotional and turbulent ride." Cover: Jade

Out Now: Fantasy Bondage House By Powerone

Sizzler is extremely pleased to announce the publication of a brand new book by one of our most-acclaimed and best-selling authors, Powerone: Fantasy Bondage House

Michael knows what women need, even though they might not know what they want. Owner of the successful Fantasy Bondage House, Michael’s club is for the wealthy to indulge their most perverted fantasies. But Michael takes it one step further, knowing that humiliation is a powerful aphrodisiac. He has stages that cater to his patrons’ fantasies, but they must perform in front of others, Michael interjecting unknowns that only drive their arousal to shattering orgasm of shame and lust. It’s stranger pitted against stranger, their bodies and souls lay naked before the audience. Michael sees something in his new outside accountant, Charlotte. A stunning redhead with a body that was built for lust, he discovers a deep-seated desire for submission and subjugation. Work draws them close, but Michael is after her passion, pushing her past her limits with each sexual encounter. She cannot stop him as he draws her deeper into the dark world of perversion and submission. He takes possession of her body, using her in perverted acts that she never knew existed until finally she finds comfort in the surrender that only stringent bondage and final subjugation could provide her. Is she a plaything for Michael, taking her in every manner until he tires of her? Is there more behind the dark eyes of this dominant man than his lust for her female flesh, or will she find her true happiness with another? Fantasy Bondage House is another classic tale of sweet surrender told by Powerone in his unique style.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Out Now: Darkness And Delight By Angela Caperton

Sizzler is (ahem) rather excited to announce the release of a fantastically hot new collection by Angela Caperton: Darkness And Delight.  We really can't recommend this brand new book highly enough.  Pick it up and you will not be disappointed!

"If I had to identify a common element across all these stories," writes the author, "I suppose it would be passion and my belief that the erotic love that grows out of passion is magic - black magic, white magic, and sometimes in-between.  Passion.  Even my big monsters are driven by it." Writer and criric M. Christian raves, "Angela isn't just a writer who gets things right, who tells only good stories.  Angela is a writer who does every little bit of an almost-impossible job excellently.  Take a look at this book, at any little bit of it, and you will see a shining point of brilliance.  She tells stories that live and breathe, that do so much more than just talking about sex.  She does it all - every little bit of telling a story - wonderfully." 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Out Now: Daphne's Amorous Adventures [Erotica Victoriana II] by Richard Raoul Packwood

Sizzler is pleased and proud to announce the publication of a brand new historical erotic masterwork by our best-selling author, Richard Raoul Packwood: Daphne's Amorous Adventures!

Solange Gets Her Revenge! Pity Daphne Fairhope. The scandalous contents of her grandfather’s old sea trunk seem to have taken on a life of their own! That shocking deck of French postcards and their arcane poses, those dizzying  tomes of Victorian Erotica, uninhibited in their descriptions of vigorous and exotic methods of fornication, and even perversions like flagellation. Now Daphne, and her new business associate, Percy Rubottom, are in the parlor practicing a stimulating new position when an armed stranger bursts in on the pair clearly bent on murder. In the struggle that follows, Daphne emerges triumphant. But Solange, her maid, plans a revenge on the hapless intruder. It is a punishment that will test every skill of domination and persuasion that she learned in the back streets of Paris and Marseille. Cato and Ambrosia find new ways to use their talents and summon up an old man from the sea to protect Fairhope from a hurricane of destruction. Alphonse gets a much needed makeover and discovers hidden talents for expressing passionate joy for what Madame Solange calls “Pleasure/Pain.” This newly resurrected manuscript, recently discovered buried beneath the basement floor of an historic New Orleans’ brothel during its demolition, represents the latest work of Sir Richard Raoul Packwood to emerge from the oblivion to which he believed he had consigned them. Contrary to his will's instructions to destroy all documents, letters and photographs stored among his belongings, Packwood appears to have left a carpet bag with the brothel’s owner, who later had it buried for reasons unknown. Few more scandalous documents filled with such a variety of fascinating sexual practices have emerged in recent years. Set in the 1930s South, but written in the style of classic Victorian, here are more of Daphne, and friends', scandalous adventures? Cover photo: LightMaster Photography 

Out Now: The Master's Little Toy - An Age-Play Novelette By R. Greco

We've already raved about the wonderful work of R.Greco, so it should come as no surprise that his brand new book, The Master's Little Toy - An Age-Play Novelette, is also hot, hot, hot as well as fantastically written.  If you pick his new book up you will not be disappointed!

From Girl to Pet to Toy! All for the older man she called "daddy." Cover art: Joel Wideman

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out Now: Fenced In - A Romance Of The West By Frank Sol

Sizzler is extra-pleased to announce the publication of a brand new novel by our star gay erotic romance writer, Frank Sol: Fenced In - A Romance Of The West!

Rick and Duncan were men of the west, and star crossed lovers. They couldn't keep their hands of each other. But everything kept them apart. In addition to their own untamed emotions, others stood between them and happiness. Cover art: Jade. 

Laura Antoniou In San Francisco!

Not only is Laura Antoniou one of the most-respected erotica writers period but she's also the author of a great new book for Sizzler: Shop Stud & Other Tales Of Gay Male Lust!  So if you're near San Francisco you have to check out these wonderful events with her.  I can't recommend them, and her, enough!

Laura Antoniou will be in San Francisco to party, read from her latest novel, and conduct two workshops November 19-21.

November 19 , (Friday)   Book Release & BDSM Play Party For Laura Antoniou's 'The Marketplace'   8pm An  evening of black-tie debauchery for Femina Potens' Members Only will include the recreation of a BDSM sex scene from The Marketplace, performed for your entertainment and delicious delight. Bring your tux and your flogger.  To become a member today, visit:

November 20 , (Saturday)  'Cupcakes & Kink'  Sizzle   8-11pm  -  Femina Potens proudly presents SIZZLE, the monthly Bay Area award winning literary erotica series. SIZZLE heats up the Castro every other month, merging internationally acclaimed queer and erotic authors with the Bay Area's top emerging local writers, spoken word artists and performers. SIZZLES' open mic performances regularly reveal the bravest, hottest, most eclectic performers that the Bay Area has to offer. Please welcome  Madison Young, Lorelei Lee, Laura Antoniou, Tina Horn  and CUPCAKES!  ($10) Reserve your spot by here:

November 21 , (Sunday)  Dont Dream It; Be It. Fantasy & Role-Playing Workshop for the Shy with Laura Antoniou   3pm  -  Work out your inner desires into physical realities! ($20) Purchase your advance ticket here:  

November 21 , (Sunday)   For Your Own Good: Using Punishment in your SM Relationships Workshop with Laura Antoniou  5pm  -  Learn the basics for SM play.  Safety, techniques & advice on some corporal fun.    ($20) Reserve your advance ticket here:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Call for Submissions - My Love Of All That Is Bizarre: The Erotic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Call for Submissions

My Love Of All That Is Bizarre:
The Erotic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Edited By M.Christian

"I know, my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life."
    - Arthur Conan Doyle, The Red-Headed League

An anthology of gay, straight, and lesbian stories exploring erotica in the world of, and featuring, Arthur Conan Doyle's consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.  To be published by Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions (

Even though Sherlock said, to his companion and friend, Dr. Watson, "The fair sex is your department," writers for this anthology encouraged to play with the role of both sexes, and with a wide range of eroticism, in the famous consulting detective's life.  While every character in the Sherlockian universe is also open to exploration – Moriarty, Mycroft, Watson, Irene Adler, Colonel Sebastian Moran, and all the rest – creative uses of Sherlock himself are encouraged.  

Stories may feature humor, horror, romance, or mystery, but all submissions must be explicitly erotic.  Stories featuring rape, underage characters, homophobia, bestiality or 'violence porn' will not be considered.

Both previously published and original works will be considered.

If you have questions about whether or not your story may work for this anthology, please contact M.Christian at with your questions or concerns.

Story length: 1,000 to 5,000 words
Deadline for Submissions: January 1, 2011
Rights: First North American Anthology Rights
Payment: $25, paid on publication

Email submissions should be sent to M.Christian at (rtf format only, be sure to include contact information on all attachments)

M.Christian is - among many things - an acknowledged master of erotica with more than 300 stories in such anthologies as Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica, and many, many other anthologies, magazines, and Web sites.  He is the editor of 25 anthologies including the Best S/M Erotica series, The Burning Pen, Guilty Pleasures, The Mammoth Book of Future Cops and The Mammoth Book of Tales of the Road (with Maxim Jakubowksi) and Confessions, Garden of Perverse, and Amazons (with Sage Vivant) as well as many others.  He is the author of the collections Dirty Words, Speaking Parts, The Bachelor Machine, Licks & Promises, Filthy, Love Without Gun Control, Rude Mechanicals, and Coming Together: M.Christian; and the novels Running Dry, The Very Bloody Marys, Me2, Brushes, and Painted Doll.

M.Christian is also an Associate Publisher for Renaissance E Books.