Saturday, December 4, 2010

Out Now: Where Erotic Danger Dwells By J. Troy Seate

Here's great news for fans of hot, wonderfully written, erotic fiction: a new collection of stories by J. Troy Seate, Where Erotic Danger Dwells!

Stories of dark and dangerous, and sometimes downright evil, sex. In Dangerous Desires, the discovery of a yellowed letter opens a door to the past that is perhaps better left closed. For Estelle and Andrew, sex and desire are only part of the puzzle. In Scottish Rites, a warrior journeying back to his homeland weary from battle, meets someone that will evoke swords, sorcery, and oodles of randy sex.  Lord Torradan will never be the same, especially when the moon is full. In Estelle's Protege, sex is shown to be more than love or pleasure.  It can also be the means to an illegal end.  Such is the case when a gritty dame will do whatever it takes to be satisfied. Plus many other stories that mix eros, mystery, and even evil. By the fabulously gifted short story writer. J. Troy Seate. Cover art: Ello

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