Monday, December 20, 2010

Out now: Slaves Of The Medusa By Irena Candy

If you like your erotica with sex, bondage, fast-action, hideous deathtraps, and amazing secrets then look no further than the amazing Slaves Of The Medusa by Irena Candy.  This is a hot new book that will satisfy you in all kinds of wonderful ways!

A classic pulp adventure filled with liberal doses of sex, bondage, fast-action, hideous deathtraps, and amazing secrets. Billionaire collector Kerlan Gyre has a secret hidden under his black dressing gown; a huge, hot, secret that fills women with awe and men with fascination. Gyre wants an ancient golden relic called the Emerald Casket and sets his sloe-eyed sexual temptress, Zoë Chan the task of getting it for him. Chan, called The Medusa because of her power to control men's minds, knows that cool-handed adventurer Edward "Pecker" Noland has the little trinket, and she intends to get it from him even if she has to do murder along the way. When Zoë Chan is hot, she is really hot and she can burn men's minds to prove it. Half a dozen men have already fallen prey to her unnatural lust, and Noland and Melrose might be next. Their only hope is the gorgeous young Hispanic girl, Myra, slave to Kerlan Gyre, whose lust for Melrose leads her into betrayal and the fulfillment of forbidden desire. A strange sex-magic cult called Scarlet Lamb is out to get the relic too, because its members think the ancient artifact will give them the power to perform miracles. A band of ninja mercenaries has been paid to hijack it, and if they have to leave a trail of blood-stained corpses behind them during the process, they will. Gyre's cold blonde whip mistress, Madame Lizabeta, and the evil Dr. Guthrie make their plans in Gyre's secret hideaway above Los Angeles, a luxurious mansion filled with oriental luxury and beautiful houris that can drive a man mad with desire. Noland and his trusty pal, Ryan Melrose, face death, seduction, and life-time sexual bondage if they can't carry out their mission – to save the Emerald Casket and return it to its rightful owners. 

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