Saturday, December 4, 2010

Out Now: Nude in New Zombieville: A Novel of Future Bondage by J. W. McKenna

Here's a wonderfully sexy, playful and, behaps best of all, UNDEAD treat: The release of a brand new  J. W. McKenna novel,  Nude in New Zombieville: A Novel of Future Bondage.

The zombie plague grips the U.S., reaping chaos and destruction from coast to coast. The government collapses, leaving survivors to fend for themselves. Some are better equipped to handle the crisis and manage to stay alive during the first long and tragic year. But danger lurks around every corner and with each day, the remaining survivors become more desperate to find safety. This is the story of seven such survivors who, trying to find safety, stumble upon a strange compound where women are kept naked and subservient to men. They can't fight the zombie horde, so they agree to go inside and live in this strange new world. 

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