Monday, December 20, 2010

Out Now: Dimensions Of Desire By David Salcido

Sizzler is extremely excited to announce a brand new collection by the erotic master, David Salcido: Dimensions Of Desire.  This wonderful collection will not only expand you sexually but tickle your imagination in all kinds of new and amazing ways.  Highly recommended!

Dimensions of Desire combines science fiction and fantasy to create contemporary side trips through the veil of possibility where the strange and erotic lurk in both familiar and unfamiliar places. Here you will encounter a different kind of vampire who sucks more than blood, a celebrated demon slayer who wakes to find himself trapped within the voluptuous body of his gorgon girlfriend, a living sex toy whose only desire is to become a real boy, a seductive evil that preys on the average in exchange for the exceptional and a fledgling hunter seduced by the urban elves he is sworn to destroy. Sprinkled liberally throughout are stories of superheroes on the make, zombies in love, Christmas elves with kinky proclivities and marauding aliens who can be anything you want them to be, so long as you want them to be blue. All these personalities and more trip the veil fantastic, revealing colorful histories, unique viewpoints and dark carnal desires that will astonish, arouse and provoke. The author, David Salcido is the reigning Chaos Coordinator for the adult literary arts e-zine, Blue Food. Over the past 16 years he has edited and written for such notable entertainment magazines as Entertainment Weekly, Playtime, Video Business, Pop Smear and Impulse, as well as on-line at the travel guide and suspect thoughts: a journal of subversive writing. As a fiction writer, his credits include Redsine Ten, Yellow Silk, Space And Time, The Journal Of Sister Moon and the American Poetry Anthology. His most recent play, Rain Damage, is scheduled to hit the boards in the Spring of 2005. "A literary side salad combining elements of pathos, bliss and whimsy tossed lightly with fast and loose reinterpretations of pop culture icons." –M. Christian

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