Sunday, December 26, 2010

Out Now: Dial 'S' For Sex By Tilly Andrews

Sizzler is thrilled to be able to bring out a fantastic new erotic landmark book by our star writer, Tilly Andrews: Dial 'S' For Sex!

She Found Fulfillment In Submission! When Alice overhears a couple having sex, she discovers herself in a stranger world than anything the fictional Alice found in Wonderland! Although Alice thinks the couple she hears have forgotten to put the receiver down, it's all part of a carefully prearranged plot. The man is all too aware that she is listening. Soon he begins a game with her, testing her obedience a step at a time. Alice finds herself mesmerized by the power of his will, and finds herself obeying almost as if in a dream when he orders her to go to various London hotels and act out his fantasies with strange men and women. Each time she is instructed to leave the phone off the hook, so that he can listen in. Alice's response surprises her, for the more she obeys him, the greater her fulfillment. As their relationship and the game deepens, Alice longs to meet her mysterious master. Only when the two are face to face at last, does she fully understands the true nature of the game they have been playing.

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